Rainy Solitude

 Despite a weekend of showers and temperatures that hovered between 40 and 50 degrees, we are in the midst of a spectacularly colorful time of year.

The weather necessitated a relatively quiet weekend here on the farm.

We sneaked outside between raindrops to tend to animals...

 for whom life goes on as usual, for the most part, no matter the weather.

Some wisely choose to stay inside and use the time to recharge their batteries.

Not ready to stop planting flowers quite yet, I ran to the greenhouse and picked up enough plants to fill my old wash tubs.  We used to use these tubs for ice and drinks when we would have large picnics; but have since handled that a little differently... leaving these old wash tubs with no use.

I'm in such a flower-planting mood, that just about anything that doesn't have another function is in danger of being turned into a planter!

Every garden is begninning to burst into color, and I couldn't be happier!  That swing is covered in a canopy of small wisteria blossoms. 

 If it weren't raining, I'd be sitting here enjoying the sights and smells!

Did I mention that the greenhouse I went to on Saturday is one of our fabulous Amish greenhouses and they just happened to be having a chicken BBQ and donut sale.  Well, yes, of course I had a donut!!  If I had to pick a "last meal", it just might have to be Amish donuts... a dozen of them!  I'll die with a smile on my face.

This coming week is an exciting one.  Finally after weeks of being cooped up in their own yards, our chickens and ducks will be back out on pasture.  We are hoping that the foxes, having weaned their kits, will not be hunting as they do in earlier springtime.

Do you have the Brood 10 Cicadas where you are?  Oh, my goodness.... we sure do.... everywhere!

How many can you find on this flower (in the center of one of my chair planters)?  Look closely! (clicking on a picture enlarges it)

Luckily, they don't eat anything or do any damage.  They just add a little interest to the picture.  But, wow, can they sing!  Before the weekend's cold weather, the cicadas were singing loudly in the treetops all day long.  It's a rather melodic, high pitched din that is heard... with the occasionally scratchy song of one close by.  It's quite remarkable.  I will definitely include the sound in the next video that I make.

The word that describes this spring the best is "bountiful".  Bountiful flowers.  Bountiful colors.  Even bountiful fruit in the orchard.  After enduring the previous year and all of its difficulties, "bountiful" is definitely something to celebrate!

Today, the sun is to return and the temperatures will rise.  We are going to a Memorial Day picnic this afternoon.  I am definitely appreciating life after vaccine.  It's good to be with people again!


Lisa said…
It's been rather chilly here lately. And we don't have cicadas. I've read that they are very loud. I checked my blogger the other day and I had a big red banner saying that I had been hacked and to press this button to fix th problem. Obviously I didn't press the button and checked a few days later and all was good.
Bee Haven Bev said…
It's crazy these days... one has to be so careful with messages and pop-ups, and such. I am, by nature, not very trusting when it comes to the internet. So far it has served me well. Hoping it continues. I am thinking of including a post about the risks of social media... so many seemingly innocent things there that are just covering up nefarious activity.
colleen said…
I hear you on the Amish donuts. We passed up on getting any at the community market this Saturday...I know how that would end up!! I can't wait until the runners are "back to business". No Cicadas here. Raining here today so not much outside activity planned. xoxoxo
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures!
We have no cicadas here but we've had rain since Thursday and today is supposed to be nice.
We will be celebrating an honorable memorial day by honoring those who lost their lives defending the freedoms we all so easily take for granted these days.
Your flowers are gorgeous. My mini irises have started blooming though everything else is pretty well done. The roses will continue through December here.
Have a beautiful day.
Glad your girls can finally get out and about in the pasture safely.
Marcia LaRue said…
No cicadas in S. CO and Memorial Day has come in cool, cloudy, and with a promise of some rain!
What makes the Amish donuts so special?
We sure do have the cicadas here!! They are all over the place and they sing so loudly you can't even hear yourself think when you are outside. I walked outside this morning and put my and on the porch railing and realized I put my hand right on top of a cicada. Yuk. I will be glad when they are gone. I usually don't mind bugs but I don't like those things.
Junebug said…
No cicadas here in Oregon, but lots of sunshine! I think you have our normal rain. I also can't seem to stop planting color! I made a trip to my local greenhouse and bakery. YEP, couldn't pass up the applecider donuts, yum! Spending the day honering those that gave us our freedom!
This N That said…
You must have all the Cicadas..Or they haven't gottn here yet..Some one said yesterday that there was some concern about the decrease in numbers this year..Couldn't prove it by you!!
Glad you had your donut and plant fix over the weekend. Beautiful day today after some much needed rain..
Enjoy your picnic..xxoo

Lynne said…
So pretty Beverly . . . everything!
I love the GREEN this time of the year as much as the flower colors!
Looking forward to hearing the cicada “din.”
Nope, we don't have any cicadas here in northern Wisconsin, thank goodness. I think there was a time when I lived in southern Minnesota and can remember how loud they were....I always remember thinking that the noise was somehow coming from the power lines!!!
I'm with you on the Amish donuts. Mmm Mmm Good!