Another Difference Between Chickens and Ducks

For the first time, in the history of forever, my horses have been turning their noses up at their hay.  They pick through the flakes and leave much of it un-eaten.  Late last year we bought a load of hay from a different farmer and it seems that this particular hay is distasteful to our horses.  It's not a huge problem, as we still have lots of hay left in the barn.  The only problem that remains is what to do with the hay that they don't like!

Yesterday, Hubbs took a bale and split it between the ducks and the chickens.  With everyone on yard arrest (to keep from being eaten by hungry foxes) and all of the rain that we have had, our poor birds are relegated to muddy yards.  Spreading fresh hay gives them a dry surface, and something to do to keep from being bored.  At least for the chickens - who had a blast scratching and pecking their way through all of the blades of dry grass.

The runner ducks, however, are illustrating one of the major differences between the two bird species.  Chickens are outgoing and curious.  Ducks are shy and wary.  The ducks just stood there looking at the hay - certain that this different thing must be dangerous.

Once again, rain kept me from gardening and other outdoor activities.  I did a little work in my sewing room.

I've turned half of my cutting table into my painting spot.  Here, I happily spend a little time each day playing and practicing.

My favorite rooms in our log home are the ones in the upstairs loft.  The library, with it's plant-filled picture window that looks out over the woods is a peaceful retreat.


Years ago, I re-finished the old industrial cart in front of the window and added sides to the top so that I could used it for indoor plants.  Hubbs is our indoor gardener... always remembering to keep these plants watered.

A couple years ago, we took a houseplant propagation course at Penn State.  I brought home a spider baby from a spider plant and started. this plant... which now has its own babies.

This tall jade plant started with just a tiny cutting from one of the college's plants.  I simply stuck the cutting in potting soil and over time it took off.

As did this Dracaena.  The original cutting was the smallest of the leaves, which, again, I simply stuck into potting soil.  Within a few months, a new plant emerged and now there are several new leaves.

I think the only thing required to grow new houseplants from cuttings (aside from soil and water and sunlight) is patience!

Yesterday afternoon was spent off the farm. 

 I got a text from my dentist in the morning while I was out doing chores. ( I might add here, that we were, once again, doing chores in the rain.)  It had been a year and a half since my last dentist appointment... quite an aberration, as I routinely go every 6 months.  But, as with most things, Covid had made last year's appointments impossible.  When I called to reschedule, the schedule was quite backed up and I would have to wait several months.  They offered to put me on a cancellation list in the mean time.  Hence, the text at 7:30 in the morning... and I gladly accepted their open afternoon appointment.

Unfortunately, my dentist is over an hour away (one of the downsides to rural living, I suppose).  That meant that a trip to the dentist would require three hours of my day. 

I am grateful that at least I didn't miss a beautiful weather day on the farm!


Lisa said…
I love your cart and your plants. They look so healthy.
nuri said…
It must be awfully stressful to be a runner duck! I hope they managed to relax at some point..., maybe even appreciated the hay.
This N That said…
Funny how picky animals can be about their food..We will probably be on the wet side through the week.
Your sewing room always looks neat and tidy...Glad you are enjoying your painting..I just ordered 2 more paint by no.s..Gave the first one away..
The loft is the perfect place fr plants..Great light..Love the cart..I remember having a spider plant like that..It had blunt tips thanks to a kitty at the time..I read years later that they were poisonous..Erin didn't seem to mind..Does't Ivy bother your plants??
Glad your Dentist caught up with you..I have managed to keep all those kinds of appts..
Enjoy the sunshine...such as it is..Hugs xxoo
I really love your sewing room and your library too. I can just picture myself sitting on the couch in the library gazing out the window and admiring your beautiful plants! That's interesting about the hay.....that the chickens like it and the ducks don't. I wonder if the ducks will get brave soon and change their minds? That picture of the highway with the hill in the distance is one that I really love. Looks like a lovely area you live in. I love hills and mountains! Take care!