Good Medicine

A farm is good medicine - the perfect elixir to soothe the soul.

On the best of days it is a tincture of the purest ingredients: one part tranquility, two parts nature with a liberal sprinkling of magic and hope.

It's not a life for everyone, for it requires a constitution of grit, perseverance, and resilience; not to mention a whole lot of physical labor.  But the rewards are more than you could imagine. 

There are days, thankfully rare days,  where calamity reigns.  But then there are those days when everything is as it should be- when all is right in this little corner of the world- and I feel the deepest sense of satisfaction imaginable.

As I've said so often:  we cannot truly enjoy the calm and quiet days if we don't also experience the storms.  Good and bad come hand in hand.  This is life.  

And so it is, here on the farm.  We ride out the storm that Sunday brought to us and emerge in dazzling sunshine by Tuesday... and if you have been following along with our story, you know that it is not the weather about which I am referring.

There are days when I choose to go out for chores by myself... to completely immerse myself in the world of my animals.  I spend a little extra time doing all that I can for them, and as I work I drink in the peace and calm of my world.  It is my medicine, the analgesic for anything that pains me.  (It's no secret that 2020 has given us all a lot of pain!)

Taking care of others (and in this case my animals) keeps me out of my head and in the present moment.  Being outside in the cold winter wind allows me to fill my lungs with a freshness rarely felt at any other time of year.  As I work, I observe all that is around me:

How the wind blows the soft clouds across the clear sky like wooly wisps blow across the sheep yard.

How the sun produces an aura of sparkling brightness in the soft layer of cashmere on the goats' backs.

And just how enthusiastically the chickens and turkeys enjoy salad scraps and the peanuts that ended up on yesterday's floor.  We try to waste nothing... to the chickens' benefit.

The runner ducks busily count their steps as they scurry to and fro... always besting the 10,000 step goal.

Most importantly, the dry lot has returned to normal. 

 Moonie has joined his family and carefully navigates the familiar footing.   I doubt that his herd suspects a thing.  

Today everything is normal... albeit a new normal.  But then, new normals is what this year has been about.  We can weather these storms.  We can look forward to the sunny days.  We can live new normals.

WE are resilient, too!


Anonymous said…
Wonderful pictures and post!
colleen said…
Good morning. I've been quiet on here (shame on me) but I'm following along everyday and so thankful that Moonies surgery is behind him and behind you as well.
I really needed todays post...I'm going to stop and smell the roses a bit.xoxox
Living in the moment is what matters!
daisy g said…
I am drinking in these lovely winter days, whether they are spent outside or by the fire. What a blessing after living for over 40 years without the change of seasons.

The addition of chickens to our homestead this year has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's wonderful to have them to take care of.

Good to see Moonie back with his peeps.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
seeing moonie out with his mates just made my day.
Dear precious Moonie. He deserves some extra grain I think? Lol.
Marcia LaRue said…
Another beautiful start to the day before the day before ... NEW YEAR'S DAY!!!
Moonie has his face mask on ... his herd mates see that ... life goes on!
Thank you for another lovely visit to BHA!!!
Jeannie said…
A lovely, peaceful post. Glad things are better each day.
Sue S. said…
This post put in words what I feel when I go out for barn chores and taking care of my animals. Being outside is my calming balm and present moment. So good to see Moonie outside with the herd. Happy New Year to you, your family and all the animals.
littlemancat said…
Well said,the structure of caring and paying close attention while doing so is very calming. And the freshness of that winter sky - healing.
So happy to see Moonie out with his herd. Beautiful.
Karen said…
Your posts are balm for the soul . . . thank you from the bottom of my heart. Our best to Moonie and company:)
Blessings to you, your family and all your dear critters, Bev.
You made my day with the pictures of Moonie joining the others outside. What a lovely blog post today. Thank you so much.