Patient Updates and A Little Food For Thought

 I am happy to report that all of my patients are doing fine. 

 Daphne's hoof abscess has cleared and her hoof is filling in nicely.  

Chloe is back to her usual self again, although her neck looks a little traumatized.

 I am so hoping and praying that these injections help to eradicate her tumor.

Since yesterday, I fear that Griz has been replaced by another cat who also had his face shaved.  This new cat is very affectionate and asks to be petted constantly. (Quite a difference from the Griz that we came to know in the last couple of weeks).

All kidding aside, Griz is definitely like a new cat.  He obvious was in quite a bit of discomfort from his abscess.  Dr. Becky explained that abscesses are common in feral cats because of fighting.  I don't know that Griz does any fighting... I have not witnessed any fighting.  He has a chronic (incurable) herpes virus which is also common in feral cats.  So, the other possibility is that he had an infected lymph node due to the chronic upper respiratory infections.  Griz's life will never be easy... he has the burdens of some incurable conditions that his feral life caused.  But, hopefully, he will have a peaceful, happy, and comfortable life here in our barn.  It's certainly much better than being feral. And 

He has an open wound on his cheek that will heal with time.  It was necessary to keep it open so that the infection could drain.  He spends a lot of time keeping it clean and I apply antibiotic ointment to the edges of the opening.  It looks nasty now, but in time it will be all better.  As for feral cats, their abscesses eventually burst and then heal.  I can't imagine how painful that must be for these poor creatures.

This week brought an early hint of winter to us with nightly temperatures dipping below 20 F. degrees.  Daytime highs have only been in the 40's.  

Luckily, our equines have all fluffed out with their thick winter coats in the last few weeks.  

The process of growing a thicker winter coat happens as a result of the diminishing light associated with the transition into winter.  Amazing!

This thick coat along with the fat stores that they have built up from summer will help to well insulate this little herd in the cold winter weather.  When the weather is bitter cold, we increase their hay rations to help fuel their furnaces.

Friday's Food For Thought... Just a Nibble

I need to get something off my chest. 

 It's something that has been bothering me since the beginning of this Covid-19 pandemic.  That something is the subject of mask-wearing.
Living here in rural Pennsylvania, I am surrounded by many folks who feel that wearing a mask during this pandemic is somehow an infringement upon their rights.  Some don't believe that there is an actual pandemic... that somehow it's a hoax (tell that to the families of the 1700 persons dying of Covid daily.)
Putting this simply... at least one person in our country has died every single minute of every single day for the past several weeks.  This number is increasing.

Mask-wearing is not an infringement on your freedom.
The pandemic is the infringement.  

Covid-19  is an enemy... a common enemy... and one that we must conquer.  The only way we will be able to conquer this is to be united in doing all that we can.  And at this point, all that we can do is distance ourselves socially and cover our faces with a mask.  This is the only ammunition that we have in this war. Eventually a vaccine will help, but people must be vaccinated and that will take some time.  In the mean time, how many more people have to die as a result of selfishness.

This is a matter of saving lives and should be something that we all are eager to do.
As a people, we unite against enemies whenever needed.  We go to war.  We sacrifice our lives so that our families can live free lives.
And yet, we cannot seem to all agree to something so simple as wearing a mask... for the sake of our fellow mankind.

Not wearing face masks is insanity.

I am constantly dumbfounded by the local businesses that I enter in which employees are not wearing masks.  To me, this only says: "We don't care about our patrons.  We only care about our own personal freedoms."

I will not give these businesses my business.  EVER.  AGAIN.

This is how strongly I feel about this issue.
I am a nurse.  My husband is a physician.  We know the science.  
It grieves me to know that so many people have died horrific deaths as a result of this virus.
It grieves me to know that our colleagues are on the front lines fighting and losing their lives as a result of ignorance and selfishness.
It grieves me, beyond words,  to know that some of my own friends and family refuse to wear masks.

There is no excuse for not wearing face masks.  NONE!

Thank you for listening.... it feels good to get that off my chest.

Have a great weekend.
Stay safe!


Cheryl said…
Ouchie! Poor Griz and Chloe! May they heal as quickly as Daphne. It always looks bad at first, but time, good nursing and doctoring heals all wounds.

Masks. I am 100% with you. I just don't understand people. Are we so spoiled as a nation that we think we are above everyone else? Infringing on rights? Seriously? Just wear the darn mask and when I am in the grocery store, please stay 6 feet away from me and quit cutting in front of me!

Our numbers are going up again in New York, the Finger Lakes area, and Governor Cuomo is talking about shutting some things down. Good. I hope he does.

And on a lighter note? I have one of the bird masks that you made a few months ago. I get compliments all the time. People love that there is a cardinal right in the front.
daisy g said…
Amen, sister! I am SO over this ridiculous notion of folks politicizing mask wearing. If they can't do it for themselves, why can't they put others first? I say a silent prayer when I come across someone in the grocery store or gas station (our only two outings). I wear my Bev-made masks proudly as a symbol of patriotism and concern for my fellow earth dwellers.
Thank you for speaking out. So many are afraid to say something.
God help us.

Blessings to you and all of your critters! Stay toasty!
colleen said…
So happy to hear Griz is doing so much better. Bless you and Dr. Becky!!
Please don't get me going on the mask wouldn't be pretty. I could add more to what you say but it gets my dander up just thinking about it (probably my B/P too) not good lol. Thanks, now I have to get my brain to stop :) Bev, you are the best.xoxoxox
Karla said…
I am so glad that your patients are doing well! Whew! And I loved what you said, mask wearing isn't the infringement, the pandemic is! I am using that one for sure, though I don't get into many conversations about this stuff anymore. I just do what I do, wear my mask always, and like you, refuse to give my business where I see fit. A wise woman told me, years ago, to mind ONLY my acre, and make sure my acre isn't imposing on anyone else's. Sage advice.
Karen said…
What you said about wearing masks is spot on.
I am also a nurse, recently retired after 42 years. One of my units that I was Director of is now the COVID unit. So sad to hear the stories of friends and colleagues getting sick and nearly dying from caring for others, some of which still speak and argue about wearing masks, while being cared for in the hospital. Our Country is in a sad place right now with so many people feeling so entitled and not caring about others.
Hopefully by mid January, things will start to at least quiet down a bit but I honestly don’t think things will. Will be an uphill battle. I live in New Jersey ( very south Jersey in Cape May) my area had been a bit isolated with low numbers but now have so many coming to my area and away from the Cities, our numbers are going up quickly and do not have the hospital support available in our more rural setting. . Stay safe. I enjoy your posts and photos. They afford a peaceful reprieve from our current situation.
Thank you
Agreed! For me, mask-wearing simply comes down to this: it's the right thing to do.

I'm waiting for business owners, who have "Masks Required To Enter" signs in their windows and on their doors, to stand up and do the right thing...enforce it. Protect yourself and others. that I've joined in and given my 2 cents...on a cheerier note, it's good to see Griz and Chloe on the mend; a happy way to end the week!
Sheila said…
So happy to hear all the patients are recovering and Griz is back to his affectionate self! Also, I agree about masks. I live in a small town close to a small city and many do not wear masks. Even when stores or restaurants have signs posted that masks are required. It seems such a small thing to ask to help keep each other as safe as possible. I do understand how upsetting it is not to be able to visit or be with family and friends especially with the holidays approaching. It is a difficult time, but if we all pull together maybe we can help bring this crisis to an earlier end. Have a wonderful weekend. I do not usually comment, but have been reading your blog for several years now. I look forward to it each morning. It is always a bright spot in the morning with my coffee!
Jeannie said…
Totally agree about masks and social distancing. I know of several people who didn't wear masks and got what they describe as a mild case of the virus. What they ignore is that they probably spread the virus to many others, some of whom might get very ill.

On a brighter note, we have a "Dr. Griz" in our town who has a sign along the road advertising his business. Whenever I pass by, it gives me a little smile to think of your Griz. Glad he is doing better.

Unknown said…
So glad everyone is doing better. Griz certainly hit the lottery finding your farm.
We too wear our masks and carry hand sanitizer in our pockets. It has always made sense to me that if it works in the operating room, it should work in everyday life to protect people. Plus now that the temps are cooler, what's the big deal?
We shop very little now, Costco is our go to favorite as they require masks and enforce it. We go to other stores during off hours as too many people in our area also feel it's their right not to wear a mask. It's very real to us, we know many people who have been sick and several who have died. Just praying the vaccinations go well and quickly. Lisa G in TN
littlemancat said…
So glad your patients are doing better and that Griz has regained his affectionate nature. It is awful to think of the feral cats who suffer alone.
And a super big Yes! to the mask issue. Such a simple thing to do, such nonsense about losing your freedom. And then the noses sticking out of those masks! Sigh...
Margy said…
I wholeheartedly agree with the views on wearing a mask. Just yesterday I walked out of a store at the checkout as the clerk had her mask over her chin. They do not respect me so I do not intend to give them my business. I walked out.
Thank you Bev for sharing your views. We have lost not one but two aunts from COVID in two months. We are not having family for Thanksgiving either. Small sacrifices but so worth it. God bless you. Margy in KY
Grandma Zee said…
Thank you for the post on wearing masks, my feelings exactly, esp being a retired nurse. I just don't understand their reasoning about not wearing a mask, such a simple thing to do and can save lives. I have tried to reason with people and it just doesn't work, very frustrating. Your masks are great, love the two I got from you and such a prompt delivery. I have made some, but got a little burned out in the spring, as I was part of a program here in Utah of making 5 million masks in 5 weeks for health care workers. I was glad I could help in my small way. Stay safe and warm.
kay saylor said…
Yes, yes yes!!!!! This should be an issue we unite behind. It shouldn't be political. For example, my sister and I are on polar opposite sides of the political spectrum yet the one thing we agree upon right now is the steps needed to tackle Covid. It remains the one current event we can discuss. Mask wearing is the simplest step that has the biggest impact. It is how we can best protect our family and communities and is the fastest path back to the normalcy we all crave.
Eileen in Fla. said…
My city has 3 large colleges/universities and I am appalled at how young people flaunt the minimum rules of living in a time of pandemic. Doesn't bode well for the future of America if we cannot learn to care about each other. Thank you for speaking out--we need to hear from the logical people.
This N That said…
Well said and I couldn't agree with you more..I think our "leadership" has had a part in this by not setting a good example..This is a national problem that he just passed on to the individual states to deal with..It should have a national mandate..We are all in this together..
Glad all your patients are doing well..I hope the healing continues in a beneficial way..
Have a good weekend..Hugsxxoo
Marcia LaRue said…
I have 10 of your masks ... that tells you where I stand ... wear them or stay away from me!
We all know who the most likely folks are when it comes to wearing the masks and complaining about their "rights" being infringed upon! Sheesh!
Love seeing how fluffy the horses have become! So glad everyone else is on the mend and healing nicely!
Hugs from Colorado!
Karen said…
Can you imagine the young men of the 'Greatest Generation' whining about putting on a mask . . . I am so ashamed of these Americans - put on the damn mask already!! *now I feel better - thanks!
Anonymous said…
do nonmask people wear seat belts ???? or drive speed limits ??? these are laws restricting freedom. They were passed to protect our lives. Do we have to have a 'law' before all of us realize mask wearing is very important????
Katmom said…
Oh Bev,,, 1st,, Your fur kids have the Best Health Insurance, you and Becky... :>)

2nd.. My heart breaks at the stupidity of people who demand to Not have to wear a mask.. They are both selfish and ignorant..
I am amazed at some of my family members who still choose to not wear masks and as I write this, over 2 dozen family members are gathered for a Birthday party, with no masks or distancing, and their excuse is, They refuse to live in fear.. and 2 of them have severe health issues... Thank goodness they are 2 States away! (p.s. not my side of the family..)
As for business' I also have refused to set foot into shops that do not protect their employees or customers. It is a bit of an inconvenience but I will not patronize a business that is part of the problem...
Stand your convictions,,, and like you,,, I wear a mask because I want to be healthy for my grandchildren. I want to be part of the solution.
Hugz and stay strong.
Mary A said…
Poor Griz! Working with ferals is difficult as everything has to be on their terms!
My daughter is a nurse practitioner working the COVID ward at Northwestern. I get so angry with people for not wearing a mask. I want to say that if you want to exercise your freedom to not wear a mask then my daughter should have the freedom to refuse to treat idiots who have forsaken wearing a mask. Why should you expect my daughter risk her health for your decision to not wear a mask?