Wind, Rain, And a Wonderful Day

As I sit and write this, the wind is howling outside.
Black clouds have moved overhead and thunder rumbles
in the not-so-far-away.
Luckily, with the storm came some rain.

Our day, yesterday began as always...
with four kitties waiting in the driveway for their breakfast.

The horses went out to pasture.

The chores were done and the sun rose in the sky.
It was a red sun... 
the tell-tale sign that the day would not be as most had been
this particular week.

We left the farm late morning and drove a half hour north
for lunch at our favorite brewery, The Rusty Rail.

They have a large patio area with socially distanced outdoor seating,
and they do a good job.
There were other diners there for lunch, but none within 20 feet of us.
We celebrated our anniversary over an early lunch...
before the sun had a chance to heat things up.

On the way home, we stopped at a local winery 
for a couple bottles of white wine that Hubbs will used 
to make sangria.

It's a lovely winery that actually grows all of its own grapes.
And the wine is pretty darn good!
(Pennsylvania is not known for great wine, usually.)

The day was a perfect celebration with my best friend...
spent for the most part in our favorite place in all the world...

As for news from our animal friends...

The runner ducklings are doing great.
Only three of eight eggs have hatched thus far,
but they hatched earlier than anticipated.
The other eggs will be given the full amount of incubation time.
We are hoping that they were laid late,
and that they will eventually hatch as well.

Huey, Dewey, and Louise are all doing fine...
getting a lot of attention from Anna's two girls.
Eventually, after we see if the other eggs hatch,
they will all come to the farm to grow and live.

We've been a bit worried about Ginger this past week.
She has been limping on her left front leg.
She still gets around fine, but has a limp.

Fingers crossed that whatever is bothering her goes away soon.
It's so hard in that animals cannot tell you what is wrong...
always keeping us guessing.

We've been keeping the pigs in from the front pasture for most of
this week to allow Ginger some time to rest.

A funny thing happened the last time they were out in the front pasture.
It was close-up time (evening) and Hubbs was calling the pigs in.
Normally, they both come running (the reason why we are keeping them in right now).
However, on this particular night only Ginger came in...
no MaryAnn.
Hubbs walked up through the front pasture to look for MaryAnn,
only to find her in the dry lot with the horses.
Apparently one of the bottom fence boards had fallen down
and MaryAnn seized the opportunity to visit the equines.
(look carefully between the two horses in the following photo)

I can only imagine what the horses were thinking of their unusual

Well, we have arrived at Friday again... already!
Our weekend will be spent here on the farm.
Our little ones will be here for a visit on Sunday,
so the day will be packed with farm fun.
Temperatures are to fall over the next days,
down to a seasonable norm.
For that we will be grateful!

I have spent a lot of time sewing this past week
and will have another batch of face masks on my Etsy shop
in the next day or two.

We'll be back on Monday with tales to tell.
'Til then... have a lovely weekend!


colleen said…
Sounds like such a fun anniversary lunch.
I assumed that only 3 of the eggs were the only ones that hatched ... can't wait to see if more will hatch.
Sorry to hear about Ginger. Will be waiting for an update. MaryAnn made me laugh. She did look a little out of place.
Will be waiting Monday to hear about your weekend. xoxoxo
jaz@octoberfarm said…
willie had a limp from when we first got him. a friend of mine that has a lot of animals recommended hemp to me. i bought naturvet hemp, aches and discomfort and started giving it to the w's. within a couple weeks, the limp was gone and i've never seen him limp again. maybe it would help maryann.
daisy g said…
What a beautiful shot of the sunflower with the orange sun in the backdrop.

Hope Ginger is feeling up to snuff soon.

Glad you had time away to celebrate your union.

Thank you so much for sharing your weekly adventures with us. It is one of the highlights of my week!
Judy said…
I got my dog print face mask in the mail yesterday. It's so cute and made really well. Thank you!
Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your life.
This N That said…
We had the wind..not a drop of rain..It's getting pretty bad..Everything is wilted..Sad.
Glad you had a nice 16th..
I hope Ginger is OK..I know what it's like when one of your four leggeds is fun for either of you.
Can pigs sprain their ankles??
Hope you get more H,D and Louises..Are you sure she's a she??
Have a fun weekend..Hugs
Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing life at your place. It's always a very special place to visit!
Lynne said…
Wonderful post . . .
Loved your anniversary “selfie” . . .

I love my new mask I purchased from you/Etsy . . .
It breathes nicely with me . . .
I will hop over and order more.

Hope Mary Ann’s limp is nothing troublesome . . .

Thunder boomies bounced me out of my reading chair last night!
And the “rain dump“ earlier in the day was like nothing I have ever witnessed!

Hope you are into enjoying the weekend . . .
Lynne said…
oops . .. I meant Ginger, not Mary Ann!