Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

Good Monday to you, friends!!
I am hoping you are all well,
and putting this extra time that we all seem to have on our hands to good use.

Our days, here on the farm, follow the rhythm of the sun...
and we've noticed that they are getting longer and longer!
Yes, we have come to that time of year where evenings begin to stretch.

We rise with the sun and start our day with farm chores...
and end our days by tucking in our animal friends as the sun sets.
The difference is... now there are more hours

Extra activities, this weekend, were dependent upon the weather.
Friday brought temperatures in the 70's,

but by Sunday, the temperatures had plummeted down into the low 40's.

The cold always seems to dampen my gardening enthusiasm,
so much of the weekend's spare time was spent indoors.

In the greenhouse, everything is growing like crazy!

It won't be long before I can plant these lettuces and kale plants out in the garden.

Still, life was not without adventure!

Sunshine made for good grazing time.
After the recent rain, the horses were happy to be out and about.

They say, "Be careful what you wish for."
And you all know that I often wish for more time.
Time is no longer an issue for me.
These days are filled with extra time,
and as a result, I have found myself careening down
the proverbial rabbit hole...
into a world of...

Yes, I have been spending what extra time I have on my hands
with a very charming couple in a make-believe world
where social distancing is unthinkable!
Meet Bernadette and Reginald Bunn...

They are a very convivial couple who love to entertain.
They've only recently wed, and hope to soon fill their 
comfortably appointed burrow with lots and lots of bun-kins.

I have had so much fun making this couple and their wardrobe...
complete with a pair of Wellies.

Friday and Saturday mornings were spent sewing surgical masks,
a request from my daughter-in-law, an ER nurse.
Her ER is dangerously low in masks, and they are having to use the same
mask all day long, so having a fresh, clean cloth mask to wear beneath it
seems to be a help.

I finished 28 of them.
It's been a good way to use up my "leftover" stash.
I will gladly make as many as is needed.

Update on the She-Shed:
I got an email from the gentleman who is building my shed.
Building has been postponed for the time-being.
She-Sheds are not essential.
Fun, yes.  Essential, no.
No worries... it's something to dream about.


jaz@octoberfarm said…
thank the goddess for ritz!!! it's wonderful that you can make those masks. i wish i hadn't given my sewing machine away.
daisy g said…
Ah, the magic of a Ritz cracker!

The bunnies are so adorable! It sounds like they will have quite the adventure together.

What a great service you are providing with the masks. Bless you for contributing to the solution!
Those bunnies are so adorable!
colleen said…
How appreciated your mask making skills will be. What a great way to be helping others out while you are home.
Ginger just cracked me up when she was running and her tail just a swinging.
An those bunnies are the sweetest ever!!!!! Can't get enough of them. You have yet put another smile on faces in these troubled time. Thanks for everything, Bev. xxxx
I had to laugh out loud at Ginger. She sure has your number!
Anonymous said…
your ginger video is hilarious
This N That said…
Your Bunnies are adorable..Love the detail in their clothes..I would like a coat like that myself..great job as always..The masks will be greatly appreciated and stylish as well..The regulations on construction have loosen up a bit..The construction here resumed this AM..Ginger has you right where she wants you..She has everybody's attention.Ugly day today..Stay safe..xxoo
Adorable! You CAN lead a pig to crackers , if not water!...LOL...

I hate when any of the animals gets loose, especially the horses. We have two baby goats coming to the farm shortly... so looking forward to having goats again.

Karen said…
Your bunnies have such personality! You should sell them (to pay for Ritz crackers:). Just absolutely DARLING!
Kim said…
What a delightful video! Ginger is a good girl, but a bit distractable. Ha! Your bunnies are so cute. I suspect they will reproduce quickly...they are rabbits, after all. Thank you for the smiles.
Lynne said…
Ginger is so fun, those Ritz crackers sure stir her in the right direction.
Love, love your bunnies . . .
And the masks . . .
You are golden!
Thank you so much for making those masks, Bev. You're such a good soul! God Bless You.