Returning To The Gentle Rhythm

Our holidays were packed full of activity...

dinners with friends, a couple parties,

and time spent just-us-two movie-going.

Before I launch into tales of the farm,
I have to tell you...
"Little Women" is truly a joy to see.
It is the best version of this movie to date, I feel.

(A homegrown blueberry-peach pie that I baked for a dinner with friends.)
During one of our holiday parties,
we were invited to join some friends on a winter photography trek 
through Yosemite National Park.
(Hubbs had originally mentioned doing something in February
to get away from the cold of winter...

Instead, we are going to thrust ourselves right into winter extremes.
It should be quite the adventure!)
And, of course, I will bring you right along with us.

As for life here on the farm...
it's good to get back into the normal daily routine.

I thrive with the ebb and flow of each day.
Settling into a gentle, quiet rhythm makes me happy.

The mornings have been quite cold this week,

but the afternoons have warmed up to quite a mild temperature.

and the animals have enjoyed time in the pastures.

We supplement the front pasture grass with a little hay,
to keep the front pasture from being eaten down to nothing.

There is nothing worse than an over-grazed field with hungry animals in it!

The chickens have been enjoying all of the extra holiday treats that they receive,
and rewarding us with tons of eggs.
Now that it's time to get rid of leftovers that have been hanging around
a little too long, they will get even more treats.

Nothing goes to waste around here.
(I almost typed "waist", but that would not be an accurate statement
right after the holidays!!)

Griz has continued to remain in the barn,
and has even allowed us to pet him... just a little bit.
He continues to be a work-in-progress.

As for family news from the holidays...

Amanda and Tim announced that they are moving to Colorado,
Boulder area, this winter.
Tim, an avid skier landed a job with a sustainable energy company
and will start in late January.
Amanda will join him a little later in the winter...
(after finishing up some work commitments)
and may be spending a little more time here on the farm before her departure.
We are happy for the two of them... it will be a great adventure.
We are a little sad for our own loss, however.
But, I hear that Colorado is a great place to visit!

Next week, with New Years Day right around the corner,
I will be sharing some more sustainability ideas with you...
we need to all do our part to decrease our carbon footprint!
Have a great weekend.
Let's chat again on Monday, ok?


colleen said…
The pie looks fit for a king/queen. I think Griz knows a good thing when he sees it. We used to have a cat named Dusty that looked just like Griz. I will anxiously be waiting for more sustainability ideas. See you on Monday xxxx
Marcia LaRue said…
Colorado is a beautiful place to live! Depending on where one lives, it is very affordable! The more metropolitan areas are like any state and too costly for the average person.
Where I live is a tourist destination, so probably not as affordable as I was hoping for when I moved from mid-California ... couldn't live in CA on retirement funds!
Happy to have you back!❤
Unknown said…
Recently saw an ad for the Blueland cleaning products and thought of you. I am planning on trying them. Love that they are just a tablet you drop in the reusable bottle. Looking forward to your ideas, we plan to do more this coming year too. Lisa G in TN
Lynne said…
Colorado will be a great place to visit . . .
For a few ski outings too . ..
I never liked flying into Denver though . . .
Always seemed like arriving over Denver and DROPPING DOWN . . .
Tummy reactions for this gal . . .

I must say . . . I am enjoying your new blog style!
Very . . .
Kelley G. said…
You are certainly right about the warm afternoon yesterday. I rode my electric boost bike (which I got after trying yours out!) into the post office in town to mail some packages - so much fun and not chilly at all.
We have a daughter and her husband living in CO too, but don’t get out to visit often enough. They just converted to everything solar, house, electric car, the works. Can’t wait to see it it all.
Enjoy your posts so much. Happy New Year soon.
This N That said…
Yosemite won't get you away from the cold..not in February anyway ..LOL.It will be beautiful if you don't get a ton of snow..Sorry for us that Tim and Amanda are moving to Colorado..It will be a wonderful experience for them..I lived in Colorado Springs for 2 years..Beautiful Country..populated with lots of Drs..especially Orthopedic Surgeons..Must be the skiing..good for business..
I will have to put "Little Women" on my Netflix list..Have a fun weekend...xoo
Glad to hear your positive review of "Little Women." Like so many people, I adored that book as a girl. Every film made of it so far has disappointed me. So fingers crossed!
Karen said…
Griz looks so much better than he did! He's a wonderful addition . . . I'm so happy you all had such a wonderful holiday - looked warm and cozy:)