Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Today's blog is brought to you by the color purple.

Purple seems to be a predominant color in the garden right now.
And though the lilacs have finished,
the Baptisia (false indigo) is just beginning to bloom.

This is one of my favorite perennials, 
as it grows bigger and better each year...
(up to a point and then it seems to begin to shrink.)

Iris is beginning to pop up here and there in the perennial garden.

Clematis is climbing against the barn wall.

Beside the clematis are peonies... another favorite.

We are enjoying a lovely stretch of spring weather.
Most of yesterday was relatively cool and breezy...

The breeze kept the gnats away, so it was the perfect day to work
in the vegetable garden.
All of the boxes are planted now, 
and in some, the seedlings are mature and veggies are starting to form.
In no time at all we will be inundated with vegetables.

I have been spending countless hours outside these days...
between garden chores and animal chores,
the days are full.

Yesterday morning we received the oddest phone message.
It was from a neighbor that has a farm about a mile away.
She wanted to warn us that someone down the road from her had stopped
to tell her that he had a wild boar (perhaps a feral hog?) with tusks on his property.
After doing a little research, I found that apparently feral hogs
are becoming a real problem in many states.
Now if someone had said there was a "wild bore"...
I would have agreed...

Sammy is our wild bore... resting as usual,
as I clean the front pasture.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence is this scene...

It cracks me up to see all of the horses trying to crowd into the donkey house.
Inside, lurking in the shadows are two Littles, as well.

Flitting around the pasture was this little butterfly.
I've never seen a swallowtail this tiny...
not much larger than a dandelion.

The barn kittens are becoming more and more friendly...
allowing us to pet them and pick them up.

They spend their day outside on adventure, but never out of sight of the barn.

Another bit of good news...
Bobby is starting to walk on his front leg again.

We never did figure out what was wrong.
Luckily, whatever it was got better!


Karen Ann said...

We have the same weather here in Connecticut and I feel rejuvenated! I planted my seedlings out in the garden yesterday and I'm hoping it was the right time. We are a bout a week or two behind you in season warmth usually. My ancient lilac stand was not very fruitfull this year and it seems it's bloom time was very brief. Maybe all the rain?

Have a good week!

Karen Ann said...

And oh, those typos!!...LOL.. and to think I am an editor.

littlemancat said...

Love that iris! And imagining the scent of the peonies - love it!
So happy to see Bobby's better and that the kittens are responding to Bee Haven love!

The JR said...

Bobby looks like our Evie aka Eve-vil.........

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i think tomorrow the rain returns for you! feral hogs are a horrible problem in the south. i guess they are moving north? my baptisia was wonderful for about 8 years then it produced yellow flowers? and then it disappeared. very strange.

Katmom said...

Bev, luvin' all the purples... our plants are still sleepy,,, hopefully in the next week or two they will get a burst of energy...
One more round of rains and we should be good to go.

How's your knitting? any new projects?
Have a great weekend..

This N That said...

That Iris is gorgeous..These last 2 days have been perfect..If I had ordered them, they couldn't have been more ideal.Glad the kitties are becoming part of the clan..Good news about Bobby and his leg..Gonna warm up with more storms.Oh well, it's been nice..XXoo

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