Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Close Call

There's not much in my world that scares me.
Except... fire.
Even saying the word sends a shiver down my spine.
But then, when you live in a log home.....  well, you get the picture.

Yesterday, while I was out running errands...
Hubbs got a call from our neighbors.
They had seen smoke at our barn.

Hubbs grabbed two fire extinguishers, hopped in the gator, and flew to the barn 
to find that indeed we had had a small fire.
Luckily, it was a rainy day and it was extinguished by the time he reached it.

During the winter months we keep our water buckets plugged in with extension cords.

The horses' and donkeys buckets are plugged in to a cord that leads into the barn.

Apparently, yesterday, one of those buckets shorted out where it plugged into the extension cord.
It happened to hang over the fence at that same point...
and the fence post was scorched by the fire.

The extension cords and water tank plugs were melted and destroyed as well.

The good news is... when Hubbs reached the barn,
the horses were all as far away from the fire as possible...
at the other end of the dry lot.

It was a close call... a scary one.
But, luckily there was no damage to anything but the water tubs.
It is surprising that the circuit did not trip.
(We'll have our electrician check on that 
when he comes to repair our underground wiring this spring.)

Our weather has finally warmed up above the freezing mark,
so we have unplugged most all of our heated water buckets and heat lamps.
Before next winter we will replace any that are showing signs of wear.
We certainly never want a repeat of yesterday!

I am wondering if our donkey girls sounded the alarm when the fire happened.
Since we were not there to witness it, we'll never know...


We have reached the end of March once again...
and my birthday has arrived (Saturday).
Last year, Hubbs wrote my birthday blog post... 
and he has decided to do that again this year.
So... tomorrow's blog will be courtesy of Jack.
I have not been given any editorial rights... so, it will be all his doing.
Just saying.....


Louise Stopford said...

Glad everything was OK and no major damage. Fire is a very scary thing. Before I leave the house I have to check and double check that everything is off. Hope you are looking forward to a birthday weekend and will look forward to Jack's post tomorrow. Have a lovely day in slightly better temperatures.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

that is scary! glad it was small and no real harm done. happy birthday too!!! my daughter's birthday is friday!

GeorgiaHoneyBee said...

So happy everything is ok!!! Happy Birthday!!!

The JR said...

Maybe the electrician can wire in a few smoke detectors in the barn.

daisy gurl said...

Thank God for good neighbors! So glad everyone is okay.

Happy Birthday, dear Bev! May your day be filled with the joy you bring others daily. ;0D

Anonymous said...

Lord, Bev! What a scare! So glad for your neighbors who could sound the alarm! And so glad your husband was recovered enough that he could quickly respond! I can only imagine what the horses were feeling. Whew!

Have a wonderful birthday Bev!!! Look forward, every day, to your blog. Looking forward to your husband's post! :)

Karla from Coal City, IL

Patsy said...

Oh my gosh, I am glad everything turned out okay. Fire is a very scary thing.
Do you think the donkeys, dogs, pigs, sheep and everyone else will sing Happy Birthday to you? I wish you the very best birthday and hope you celebrate in style.

Missy George said...

That is scary for sure...Glad for alert neighbors..I'm sure the donkeys sounded an alarm as well..Happy Birthday, Happy Easter..Looking forward to Jack's post..I'm sure it will be special..

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thank goodness for your neighbours, their sharp eyes and quick phone call!

Country Gal said...

Oh my I am soo glad all are ok and it didn't get out of hand , FEW ! Yes fire can be a scary thing . Happy Birthday Hope your weekend is a safe and fun one .

Anonymous said...

How scary. Glad everything ended ok.

Anonymous said...

And Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I, also, am not afraid of many things - but fire terrifies me - I check things (especially before I go to bed) constantly - my husband is pretty handy but I don't want him tinkering with any electrical work in our house - we lived in Japan for 8 years and my clothes dryer shorted out and the breaker kept popping - the electrician said our house could have burned down and taken half the neighborhood - after that - I'm on watch - aware of how lucky we were. Glad your neighbor saw the smoke and called - an early "Happy Birthday" to you - I just turned 72 and I swear to you that I never felt better and life just keeps getting better - you inspire me in a thousand different ways - Thank You. Mary Ellen from Wisconsin (we are getting snow next week!)

Lynne said...

Thank goodness . . . thankful hubs got there in time . . .
Close call indeed!
Happy Birthday!


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