Wanna Play?

It's early morning in the front pasture
and the donkeys are out grazing...
with their grazing muzzles on, of course.

The sun rises behind Daphne,
and as I sit here watching her,
she sees that I have a camera.
Of course...

Very shortly, though, she goes back to eating....

I took a little video of her eating with her muzzle on...
so you could get an idea how efficient these girls are at eating with the muzzle.
(I am seriously thinking of designing one for myself!)

Each bite is small, because she can only bite off what sticks up through a 1 ½ inch hole.
But, as you can see, she pushes her nose into the grass to get as much as possible
to come up through that hole.

Meanwhile, Chloe can't be bothered with visiting...
she's much too busy getting as big a meal as time will allow!

Most mornings, as the donkeys graze,
MaryAnn will head out to the pasture to be with them.
She follows Chloe around grunting and grunting...
trying her hardest to communicate.
As you can see in this video... Chloe would rather be left alone!

I love all of my animals, I truly do.
I have to say, though, that the donkeys and the pigs are my soulmates.
Of all the farm animals, I feel a certain affection coming from
the donkeys and pigs.

We had dinner last evening with dear friends.
This little fluffy reindeer was a gift from them.
How cute is he with my little spindly Santa elf!


Colleen said…
The elf and reindeer are perfect together! 💖
daisy g said…
Bless her heart. She just wants to be near her. So sweet.

Thank you for the chuckle this morning. The credits made me LOL!

Enjoy this beautiful Winter Solstice!
Anonymous said…
What a cute video!!
GeorgiaHoneyBee said…
Very cute video! I thought your reindeer was a brown lamb! :-)
This N That said…
Design one for me too....I saw that "fluffy reindeer" at Ashcombes.I was going to get it but I wasn't quite sure what it was..Love the elf...
Jennifer B. said…
I thought your new decoration was an adorable sheep!

I had a good chuckle over the donkey-pig relations. I feel like Chloe right now!
Jody in Georgia said…
Beverly, I wish I could tell you how much enjoyment I get from your daily "farm reports"! It makes me smile and smile and smile. Everyone I have sent your blog to is equally charmed. Thank you so much for sharing such fun, kindness, wisdom and joy with your readers!!
An American in Tokyo said…
So cute!
I wonder if she is grumpy because she is on a diet?
I know I am grumpy when I'm on a diet!!