Curb Appeal

The donkey girls were both on Santa's "Nice" list this year!

They are both such sweet souls...

and Santa rewarded them handsomely for their good behavior -

with some remodeling of their shelter.

Hubbs and Ryan
(who was home from North Carolina for a few days before Christmas)
insulated their shelter and added plywood walls.

Because donkeys are more sensitive to cold than horses,
we have tried to think of everything we can to help keep them comfortable this winter.

And believe me... cold weather has arrived here in Central Pa.
Temperatures will be staying below freezing for the next week or so...
and nighttime temperatures are quite low.

With a heat lamp (installed with every safety back-up possible),
insulation and solid walls, they should be snug as can be while the cold winds blow.

We are also extremely happy with these slow feeders that we ordered for the donkeys.

We ordered inserts with the smallest holes.

It now takes the donkeys a couple hours to eat just one flake of hay.
Every evening the feeders start out inside the shelter.

By morning, they have been moved all over the donkey's yard.
It seems that even when empty, the feeders provide some diversion!

Just a little secret between you and me...
the donkey girls had their house refurbished so as to cover all of the 
2x4 studs.
BECAUSE.... the donkey girls were eating them!
We were afraid that some day we might come out and find the house with it's roof on the ground...
so construction was done to prevent this from ever happening.


daisy g said…
Oh, those sweet girls. I'm sure they will be quite cozy in their donkey digs.

Stay toasty up there!
Unknown said…
So glad you had a wonderful Christmas with family. May 2018 be a year filled with blessings for you and yours! Lisa G in TN
Silly girls eating their walls--good thing they have humans who love them and want what is best for them-
they are sooo cute--
enjoy the moments,di
Robyn said…
You have such sweet girls and they have a nice condo!. I love reading about all your animals but these 2? They have a special place :) XO
This N That said…
Glad the girls are nice and toasty. Hope you are too.