Sammie, The Cowardly Lion

The end of October is nearing...
and that means Halloween is just around the corner.
And if you have been a farm friend for long enough,
then you already know how we love to dress up for Halloween!
We have a whole host of tricksters here on the farm.

Sammie, of course, is our biggest trickster of all.
He's been working on his costume and just couldn't wait to share it with you!

He's a lazy old lion
who wouldn't hurt a flea!

he reminds me a little of the Cowardly Lion from Oz!

While we were busy with Sammie's photo shoot,
Miss Annie was preoccupied with something in the sky.

"What is it, Annie?  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?"
Why, no... it's Hubbs flying his drone.

Since retiring, he has finally had the time to do software upgrades
and learn to fly his drone.

I included a little footage of our farm from the drone's camera.
I will try to narrate so that you know what you are looking at.

Please ignore the obvious pile of trash that is lying next to the barn.
We are in the process of doing what the Swedes call "death cleaning."
Seriously... it's a thing.
So that our children don't have to deal with every little thing that we saved over the years,
knowing that some day we might need it,
we are purging.
Closets... attics... garage... barn.
If we haven't used it in the past couple of years... it is leaving.
The idea is this:
Hold on to only that which brings you joy!  
The rest?  
Toss it.  
Sell it.
 Gift it.
Recycle it.

Ok.... here is the drone footage. 
 Our house does not show on any of this footage as it is hidden in the woods.
(Please click on "Full Screen" mode at the bottom right hand corner of the video
so that you can see it better.)


GeorgiaHoneyBee said…
LOVE the drone footage! And the lion costume is fabulous!! Sammie makes the purrfect lion!
Louise Stopford said…
Really enjoyed the footage - what an absolutely fantastic place you have. Thanks for taking the time to do the video - it was great!!!
Colleen said…
Perfect costume, Sammie!!
Great job with the drone, Hubbs. Everything is so groomed and beautiful. I love the color of the barn,also!
Sammie looks like the dog from the Amazon ad!
Candice said…
Love Sammie's costume. Color matches his own coat perfectly! The drone footage shows what a lovely place you have created there. No wonder it's hard for you to leave for any length of time. Thanks for sharing!
daisy g said…
Oh, Sammie, what have they done to you my boy?! ;0D

The footage was fantastic! Thank you for sharing your world with us. What a paradise. I'm hoping in my next life I can live somewhere like that.

We just heard about "deathcleaning" on NPR last weekend. I think it's a great idea to do it while you're young enough to do it easily. We are not acquiring much these days, as we have no extra room. It's a good thing...More experiences, less stuff.

Thanks for making my day!
Instead of King of The Jungle, Sammie is King of Bee Haven Acres! And he knows it too.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
wow....your place is huge! how many acres do you have? sammie is too cute. i need a new pup!
Jessica said…
Sammie makes a very cute lion!
Love the drone footage, you guys are blessed with a great farm!
Laura Sudderth said…
I had really no idea how HUGE your farm is and I have been reading for years now. The drone coverage is truly amazing. You have a huge slice of heaven there!
Kathy said…
Very cool toy, Hubbs! Echoing everyone else in the beauty of your place and Sam has always had the lion share of my heart!!
This N That said…
Sammy looks amazing..Hope he gets lots of candy..Great job with the video, Jack!!xxoo
diane in northern wis said…
How delightful! So fun to fly along and see your beautiful yard and farm. Everything always looks so well-kept and healthy. Love seeing the animals moving around down well-kept the lawn and everything green looks. The trees are in color and still beautiful. What a treat to see it all. Except, missed not seeing your house. But it was a splendid video...thanks so much!
Love seeing the layout of your farm! beautiful countryside -

Barbara Beach said…
Love Sammie the Lion! What a treat to see your beautiful farm & shared it with my husband. Thanks for sharing.
An American in Tokyo said…
I love Sammie the Lion!!!
Too cute!!!

Your place is HUGE!!!
I didn't know you had an indoor arena! I'm guessing that's where Becky practices??

Now I want to know how you could tell Ginger and Maryann apart from the height of the drone!?!?