We're Back....And You Didn't Know We Were Gone!

This has seriously been the strangest summer on record!
In what should be the dog days of summer, we are experiencing daytime temps in the 60's
and nighttime temps in the 50's.
Truly weird.
It's been unseasonably cool for the past week and the forecast has 
temperatures remaining in the 70's for the next week or more.

I would be remiss in not mentioning our friends in Texas and now Louisiana...
and the horrendous storm they have had to endure.
We all need to do whatever we can to help our neighbors...
be it money, thoughts or prayers.

Since you came here to talk about the farm,
let's do so...

Our animals have enjoyed this summer.
Not having to get through excessively hot days has been a blessing for them.

The sheep have already grown quite a thick fleece.
They'll be ready when cold winter winds start to blow!

Our guinea babies have been with us just shy of two weeks...
and can you believe how they have grown?

They have almost doubled in size.
They are quite athletic... and excessively flighty.
There'll be no cuddling up to any of these birds!

Wanna know a secret?
Hubbs and I snuck away for a quick four day trip to North Carolina
to visit friends (who used to be neighbors).
I wanted to show you their lovely house.

They built it on top of their barn.

They live in Southern Pines, a beautiful town surrounded by
horse farms of all sizes.
If you love horses.... you will love this place!

She has a Friesian horse, Roelof, 
whose picture I did not get (this one is from another year)

 and a mini horse named Cubby.

We visited a BBQ place 

that has its own landing strip...

small planes land and take off all day...

just stopping by for some good southern BBQ!

We left early yesterday morning...
and arrived back at the farm in time to get some gardening done.

I picked another bucket of hot peppers.

Oh, and those red beans around the outside of the bucket are the
Chinese red noodle beans that are growing on this trellis.
(They taste just like green beans.)

By the time I had finished picking,  I had a pan of sweet peppers
of all shapes, sizes and colors.
And there are still tons yet to ripen!

Looks like today's job will be canning hot pepper relish...
which of course means a session of tears, coughing, sneezing until I inevitably pee myself...
it all goes hand in hand with hot pepper prep!!
It's truly a labor of love!


Louise Stopford said…
Glad that you enjoyed your trip to North Carolina. The house looks fabulous and the area just looks like how I would imagine parts of America to look. "Southern Pines" what a fantastic name - really conjures up pictures of the rural deep South of America. I would love to visit places like that! Thanks for the photo's, it is always so nice to see other parts of the world. Can't believe the size of those Guineas now - they will be full grown before we know it and what a good life that will have waiting for them on your wonderful farm. It will be great to have them around, even if you don't get a cuddle!! I also think you have done yourselves proud this year with your garden, you have grown so many varied and wonderful fruit and veg. Your hard work has paid off in abundance.
daisy g said…
I haven't yet ventured out to Southern Pines, but it's close by. What an amazing property. Glad you had some time away.

We have enjoyed cooler temperatures this summer as well, especially for us, having moved from Central Florida. What a welcome relief.

Does wearing a mask help with the peppers? I hope you have a fun day in the kitchen. ;0D
Lynne said…
PIK n PIG looks and sounds like a great BBQ stop . . .
Liked the "Fly In" weather vane . . .

Oh My the veggies, colorful peppers look good.
And the relish you will be making sounds good too.

The weather here has been different as well . . .
A summer on the cool side for sure!

Yes indeed . . . the rains, floods, devastation in Texas
will need our caring for weeks, months, years to come.
Thousands who have lost EVERYTHING is a daunting thought . . .
Patsy from Illinois said…
Nothing better than good ole' bbq! Are the Chinese beans stringy? I am looking for beans that don't have strings. Is that an impossible thing to look for?
Junebug said…
What fun are quick sneak always! I think we have traded weather this summer! We had 56 straight days of no rain, this is Oregon, what's up? Then only a light sprinkle and it's back to pushing 100! Cause lots of forest fires and smoke. Been under poor air quality for over a week now. But still my thoughts are with all in Texas.
oh, how nice would it be during a real snowy winter to be able to go feed the horses... JUST DOWNSTAIRS!
nuri said…
Just like in the olden days (in parts of Europe, at least): The humans' living quarters right above the animals', so practical in several ways. (I do wonder about smell, flies? Although, horse scent - I'd buy it if it came in bottles. "Eau de cheval #5".)

Hot pepper prep, lol, I wear a surgical mask & gloves and goggles when I have to deal with "aggressive" onions!!
deodar said…
Now I have serious barn envy even though my animals are on 24/7 turnout (with available shelter of course). I did want to ask where you found grazing muzzles to fit your donkey. I noticed a bit of thickening in the neck of mine although I don't know if Winston would appreciate pink!