Monday, May 8, 2017

All The News That's Fit....

It's been a while since we have chatted, hasn't it?
We've had tons of rain in the past several days and we are soggy yet again.
I am still hobbling a little from my foot surgery.
Hubbs has been taking care of our precious friends... giving me time to heal.

Oh, how I miss being out there cleaning up the muck.
All things in due time, however.

The garden is growing nicely.
I've still got just a little bit of planting left to do
and hope to finish all of that this week.

Grass seed has germinated between the garden boxes.
And a pale, thin green carpet is starting to take the place of dirt.
I still owe you a tour... perhaps later this week, weather permitting.

This is a week of preparation for us as we leave on Friday
for a trip to Iceland.
I can hardly wait to experience this country and all of it's austere and wild beauty.
I will take you along via posts on Instagram (@beehavenacres) and Facebook.
As for the farm....
it will be well-cared-for by friends and family.
Family will stay in the house with the dogs... so all will be cared for as if we were home.

I wanted to share a video from early last week with you...
just a peek at some of the choreography needed when dealing with critters.

Every spring I have the good fortune to come upon a crop of morel mushrooms.
I pick them and dry them and then use them at a later date to make
something delicious.
Here are this season's... drying.
They were huge!


daisy gurl said...

So good to see this post today. Hoping you are back up to snuff soon.

What an adventure this trip will be! You're bound to see some new and wonderful things.

The garden design is lovely. Looks like you will be eating lettuce soon.

Enjoy your day!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

ah...iceland! i hope you have a great trip! a place in rykjavek supposedly has the best hot dog in the world! i am always looking for morels but never find any.

Candice said...

Missed you during your recovery. Hope you are 100% soon. very exciting! Our oldest daughter and her then-boyfriend decided to get married during an already-planned vacation trip to Iceland 6 years ago. She loved it and loved the people.

Missy George said...

Your garden with your new boxes looks great..Good job.. Nice critter dance !! I hope your healing is coming along and your toe will be ready for next weeks challenge..xxoo

sandra said...

Everything looks great! I hope your healing well and fast. Dont push it though ;]!

Colleen said...

Sure did miss you Friday.....doesn't take much to throw me off!
The garden is coming right along.
Take care of that foot so you won't have any problems while on vacation.

nuri said...

That "gate dance" - hilarious, clever, and elegant! Although I held my breath for a second, hoping that your sore foot won't be stepped on...

Cindy said...

How exciting to go to Iceland! What a great experience. Your garden is looking great. Today I just put in my tomatoes as we have had very cold temps at night. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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