Another Visit

After yesterday's comments, I realized that many of you 
wondered how we get the sheep poop out of the wool.

Well, the good news is that the soiled wool is confined 
to the butt and belly and legs of the sheep.
The most usable part of the sheep's wool is the saddle
(the wool on the back and sides of the sheep).

We pick through the wool that is sheared from the sheep...
pulling out the highly soiled fibers.
Part of the milling process is washing the wool.
Washing removes the lanolin and also any debris or poop that might still be in the fleece.

Yesterday morning we realized that we had had a visitor
the previous night.
Mr. Bear has returned.
He ransacked our porch, turning over the wooden chest that houses our birdseed.
He also ripped down and tore apart one of our bird feeders that hangs from the deck railing.

Needless to say, all three game cameras are positioned around the deck.
I'm gonna get a photo of that ole bear if it's the last thing I do!

Lastly, I am happy to say that Spring has definitely arrived.
The forsythia is just beginning to bloom and leaves are starting to open.

Although it's muddy as can be... our beautifully colorful season is just around the corner!
I've been thinking a lot about this year's fairy garden.
I have a few new items to add this year.
I can hardly wait to get started.
If you are new around the farm,  here is a glimpse of past fairy gardens...

Ok, Sun...let's dry things out so I can get started!!!


Colleen said…
Thanks for the sheep info.
After seeing one of your fairy gardens a few years back I tried my hand at was a flop! Thanks for posting all the pic of them. Do you have any suggestions how to successfully start a small one...what plants to use would be a great help.
daisy g said…
I'll bet the sheep feel 50 pounds lighter after their sheering. So much easier to get around.

That bear is too close for comfort. S-c-a-r-y!

Your fairy gardens are so sweet. Looking forward to see what else you do with them.
The JR said…
I love your fairy gardens. I made a small container one last year. It's pitiful looking right now.

Do you start over every year? Or do you just spruce up what is there?

Bee Haven Bev said…
I start over each year. Small plants like baby's tears, thyme, succulents, etc work well. But you can put larger plants in if you keep pruning them back. I have at times had a jungle on my really have to keep on top of it.
Your fairy gardens are wonderful! I especially like the gourd house.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i love your fairy garden! especially the way you used the moon! i have that same stake and you sure found the best use for it! hey, i'll come and wrestle your bear if you came here and give teddy her pills!
Lynne said…
Thank you girl the "poo/wool" update!
Love the Fairy Gardens . . . charming.
Everything you create isBEAUTIFUL!

(Darn ole bear . . . way to close to the house)
I am enchanted by your fairy gardens. I have the fairies visit on St. Paddy's day and I told them about your garden. They may fly over there to see what it is like and if there is any room for them. Since I live in Illinois, they may have to pack a tiny satchel for a visit overnight. They do like tea and little biscuits for breakfast.
Lynne said…
OOPS . . .
Should read, thank you FOR . . .
Bee Haven Bev said…
Patsy....there is always biscuits and tea ready!! Fairles welcome!!
Cindy said…
Love your fairy gardens!
This N That said…
I thought I had seen most of your fairy gardens..guess not..They are very clever..I need a jagged stump for some interest in my garden....or to pot!! I assume you are leaving the bait out for the bears?? They'll be back..Enjoy this sunny day..
Katmom said…
Luv your Fairy Gardens... still ugly weather up here... oh sign,,,
Katmom said…
oh and before I forget ,,, Happy 'you know what, you know when'...