A Weekend With My Little People

We had quite a busy weekend...
filled with little people activities.

I picked Tyler up on Friday morning as he had a day off school.
We headed home to the farm for a weekend filled with
dragon hunting in the woods...

many visits to the animals...

and lots of farm chores.

Mackenzie joined us on Saturday and we took a snowy walk.
(It flurried on and off all weekend long...with no accumulation.)

This little one is going to make a fine farm girl some day.
She is already quite interested in all of the animals.
I can hardly wait for summer.  I think she will be able to ride Red this summer!
(with help, of course!)

By Sunday, the ground was finally dry enough for the horses to go out to pasture.
We opted to take them to the upper pasture.

This fellow was so excited at the prospect of leaving the dry lot after so many rainy days,
that he just about ran me over.

Yes, he had a case of very bad manners...over-come with excitement.
Hubbs ended up walking him to pasture...and of course, by that time we was well behaved.
Horses will always take any opportunity to make you a fool!

By afternoon, they were all full from grazing and ready to walk back to the dry lot...
which happened without incident...

followed by napping.

Whenever the horses go to the upper pasture,
I let the donkeys out in the front pasture by themselves.

Yesterday they were completely befuddled when the pasture gate opened.
"Hey!  Where's our hay?"  they both said in several loud brays.
A day of foraging won't hurt these two tubby girls.
They are both in need of a diet.
I am thinking that they will both be wearing their hot pink grazing muzzles this summer in an attempt
at slimming them down a little.
Yes, it's the Fat Farm around here these days.

I am so proud of Tyler...he got out of bed early each morning so that he could help
with farm chores.
What a good farmhand he has grown to be!


daisy g said…
What a splendid way to spend some quality family time.
Love that first photo -- the portrait of Tyler and Pig Friend.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
what a great weekend! i thought for sure you must have snow. we have nothing but flurries here. i posted a blueberry pie recipe that you have to try when your berries are ready. it's the best one i've ever had!i posted it yesterday.

What a wonderful thing, for your grands to have a farm and it's animals to love and care for when they visit. What I would have done to have that kind of respite when I was little.
This N That said…
Great way to spend the weekend for all of you..Looks like you might have some help as everyone gets older :)
Enjoy your week..
Country Gal said…
What fun for all especially the kids . All our animals on the farm used to get tubby in the winters as they would put on extra fat and fur to keep them warm but by late spring they would loose the fat and then the heavy coats I think all farm animals do that naturally if they are to stay out in cold climates . Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , have a good day !
Junebug said…
Enjoy those little's for they don't stay little long!! I can't believe how time is flying by. Just think of all the memories you are creating with them and the animals.
Wow your Grand Babies are sure growing up! I had to laugh at your comment about horses making fools of us sometimes...they certainly do LOL! :)