The Day I Discovered That Donkeys Don't Read

This is a busy week....
weeding, gardening, mowing, trimming....
getting the farm as spiffy as possible for Hubbs' annual work picnic this Saturday.

By mid-afternoon it was time to take a break and relax a little.

I sat in the shade with the sheep for a bit.
enjoying the blue sky with its cotton-candy clouds,

and watching this butterfly float from one spot to another in the grass

and listening to the cicadas.
I found this empty shell on the fence next to the sheep.

It had been a while since I had visited with the donkeys,
so I spent a little time with them as well.
Pulling a chair into their lot,
I sat down to peruse my favorite catalog that had just arrived.

It's funny...
any other time I have donkeys in my lap.
This time, however, because there is a catalog in my lap,
they stayed away.
(Notice that Chloe would rather stick her head in the weeds than wear a fly mask!)

They just didn't trust that old catalog.
Donkeys are like that.
Wary of everything.

So, I checked out the recipes in my catalog and then headed back to the garden.
There was still much to do...
watering, weeding, harvesting...

tons of tiny tomatoes.

It's soon time to make sauce!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
maybe donkeys too, have a fear of yeast! i know some friends that react the same way to that catalog.
Junebug said…
Silly donkeys, don't they know a possible treat could come out of that catalog! Enjoy your day.
This N That said…
I'm sure things will be beautiful. Have a great party. Note to Bev...teach the donkeys to read.. For at least enjoy the pictures! Enjoy your day.
Looking at the front cover of that catalogue, the maple cornbread mix sounds intriguing!
An American in Tokyo said…
I didn't know that donkeys were so wary!
I always find that most horses seem to get more curious when I have a book with me. They come and do the "what is that?!" with their noses! hee hee

What are those black veggies next to your tomatoes and cucumbers??
Lynne said…
Happy picnic/party weekend . . .
I am sure it will be enjoyed by all . . .
wambui said…
Interesting the veggie display