A Very Sad Day

If nothing else,
farm life teaches us 
that there is a deep and abiding truth to this:
To everything there is a season.

There is a time to plant and a time to harvest.
There is a time for birth and a time for death.

You cannot have one without the other, 
for it is the essence of this precious thing that we call life.

Chuck on left.  Tom on right.
We said our farewells to handsome Chuck,
half of our Bourbon Red Turkey boys,
last evening.

Early in the morning it seemed that Chuck was having a little trouble walking.
We assumed that he had a sore foot as he had had in the past.
And so the boys stayed in their yard for the day to minimize walking.
Tom spent most of the day in and out of the house...
Chuck remained indoors all day.

By evening, though, Chuck was unable to stand and would fall over when attempting it.
He thrashed about trying to keep his balance with his wings,
exhausting himself.
Watching him... so pale, frail, and unable to move...
we decided that it was best to call Dr. Becky to euthanize him.

And so old Tom is now our only surviving turkey.
I am sure he will miss Chuck's company,
as the two have been constant companions ever since hatching....
and they have followed me around every day since they were 2 days old.

I am not sure how Tom will get along without Chuck.
I am hoping he will continue his daily routine of running up to the chicken yard
 to hang out with the hens.
Time will tell.

Tom on left, Chuck on right.
Animals are realists when it comes to death.
They accept it... matter of factly.
Still...I think animals experience profound loneliness just as we do.
I'll be keeping a close eye on Tom...
with the possibility of having to find him a companion.

Goodbye Chuck... we'll miss you!


Dawn said…
such a hansom bird, farewell Chuck I hope Tom wont miss his friend fo too long.
Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear your sad news today. The loss of pet has always touched us so very much and there have been many times when we have said "right that's it, no more". Just so happens our animals are so much a part of of lives and they are members of our family that we couldn't possibly live without them. They enrich our lives so very much and we have to accept that they are only lent to us and at some point we sadly have to say goodbye. We lost our favourite hen a couple of weeks ago, leaving one lonely girl - so we jumped in with 2 feet and now have 2 more "babies" (like I said, can't live without them). The comforting thought is to know that we have given them a wonderful life and have done our very best for them. Hope that you can find Tom a lovely companion and by doing that you will be giving another animal a wonderful happy life on your farm. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire, UK.
daisy g said…
So sorry to hear this sad news. Did Dr. Becky have any idea what happened? He was a well-loved bird, that's for sure. So glad he got to live on your farm. RIP Chuck.
GeorgiaHoneyBee said…
Oh no! I am very sorry to hear about Chuck. :-(
littlemancat said…
So sad, poor Chuck and poor Tom. I know you will be taking care that Tom is okay. I do think he will grieve. A wonderful place and persons - your farm.
The JR said…
I'm sorry. I hate hearing that. He was such a beautiful bird.

I had to put one of my elder dogs into the house on Friday. Her pen mate is moping about it.

Deb said…
That's so sad to hear. It is always the one left behind that my heart breaks for. I hope you do get him a companion soon. It's so lonely for him when he's had a constant friend and he must be so confused.
Anonymous said…
So sorry.
I am so sorry about Chuck. We recently lost our rooster who was 7 years old. It was very sudden and I cried over it. The next day an eagle landed on our fence, the first one I've ever seen on our property. I was in awe. That's the thing about sharing our lives with animals. We give them a wonderful home, they live out their lives bringing us some joy, and the universe shows us that it has even more to offer when they leave. I hope Tom does okay, but I suspect another turkey will be coming to the farm.
Shelley said…
Sad news indeed Bev. I don't comment often but I follow your sweet farm life everyday and feel the losses that occasionally occur in your world. Farewell Chuck.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
oh i am so so sorry to hear this. i just love tom and chuck. i hope the girls will rally round and keep tom company. too bad the other turkey didn't work out.
Unknown said…
I'm so sad to hear this news! Chuck was such a source of joy during our visit and was such an amazing picnic guest. He will be missed.
Poor old Chuck, farewell. I hope Tom isn't too lonely but he may very well be, without his constant companion.
Cindy said…
So sorry. We will miss him too.
Laura Sudderth said…
I will miss him too. It is always sad losing our animals. I hope Tom will be okay. How old are the boys?
Oh Beverly, I am so sorry.. I hope Tom will not have to morn too long, and soon find a new zest in life.
Katmom said…
Oh Bev,,, so sorry to hear about Chuck's passing... Poor Tom,, give him extra special attention and love.
I agree,, I do believe that animals are capable of grieving and do so.. I know this to be true because of our Mz Beasley's grief when her best friend and companion, Puddums passed away suddenly...
We luv our critter kids and love them as well as grieve for them...
hugz to all at BHA.
deodar said…
It just proves the point, you never know what the day will bring. Animals most definitely grieve. When I lost my old mare, my gelding (her son), followed the path to the gate where she was dragged to her grave - burying a large animal can be ugly - for almost a week straight where he would stand gazing at that fresh dirt mound. About broke my heart.
Lynne said…
Sad to hear about Chuck . . .
I hope Tom will be okay . . .
I feel such an overwhelming sense of sadness. Reading your blog for so many years it seems your animals become the readers animals too. I'm feeling especially sad for Tom. It certainly isn't anything new(animals dying)but boy it makes you sad.
Unknown said…
Such a loss.... Chuck led a charmed life at BeeHaven Acres. Tom must be so lonely.. Ann