Still Hanging With the Boys

Yesterday morning started off hot and muggy,
so we seized the opportunity and hit the pool early.

The funny thing is, we were not alone.

No, the four roosters had ventured the one hundred yards between their house and ours...
proceeding down the back path to the pool.

While we swam, they pecked in the mulch and spied on us from above.

And when we were done swimming, they made their way home again.
They seem to love following a particular 6 year old wherever he goes.

Grammie Camp has superseded most farm work... except the necessities.
That means that weeding has gone by the wayside these past two weeks.
I may never recover.
Not that I love weeding or aspire to spend my time doing so,
however it seems that a majority of my spare time gets used up pulling unwanteds out of the ground.

There has to be a better way.
Perhaps changing one's mind about "what is a weed" might help.
In the case of the garden around the house, I have been able to do just that.
Take this patch of "weeds", for instance....

These are milkweeds.

And there was a day that I might have just pulled them out.
However, I have decided to allow them to remain.
After all, these plants are necessary in the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly.
And so, they have become a happy member of the front garden family.
Not your average bedding flower, but the butterflies don't seem to mind at all!


Jean Henry said…
Inspirational about the milk weed. Never actually let it get to that stage, that I can remember anyway. Will leave it alone from now on! Don't get me wrong. I am not on top of everything, and weeds do get ahead of me, but with all of the hands currently in the house, and the ease of pulling milkweed has made it a target for easy picking. This past Spring we harvested as much dandelion "weed" out of the yard as we could and dried it for tea, and infused it in olive oil for salve. We used to live in a place with large pastures that we didn't have the equipment to keep mowed. We kept two paddocks to rotate the horses and goats, but let the rest go wild. Those were the most beautiful wildflower fields that we had ever seen before or since.
GeorgiaHoneyBee said…
I too have changed my attitude towards weeds. I have five hives, and here in Georgia, we have a nectar dearth beginning in June. So, I let things bloom. Dandelions, joe pye weed, milkweed... on and on. It drives my mother nuts that I let the "weeds" flower. It probably also drives the chem-lawn mcmansion neighborhood that borders our land crazy, but in nature there has to be a balance. If they chem lawn their soil, I have to overly go natural in mine. :-) A.A. Milne said something like "Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them." I have been learning about wild edibles, and a lot of the items that people hate to see in their yard are actually very good nutrient sources - and this is knowledge that has been lost in modern day society. I am so happy that you are making peace with some of the weeds. Sometimes there is so much beauty when a little disorder creeps into our orderly lives.
Kathy said…
I have actually bought and planted milkweed and joe pye weed and planted in a wetter area of our property. They are a native plant but I could find none growing wild and I wanted to provide for the Monarch butterflies. I had no idea people were pulling them out!
littlemancat said…
So glad you're keeping the milkweed! Our butterflies and bees need all the help that they can get. I've seen fewer and fewer butterflies every summer, so sad. When I see milkweed growing, I feel like putting up signs "Do not mow, Please!"
Thanks for your always wonderful posts! Love the rooster boys following their young friend.
Hi Beverly,
Boy does that pool look good to me right about now.. With temps over 100 I would like nothing more than to jump right in.

I read somewhere that ~ A weed is but an unloved flower~ and your milkweed is really pretty.
Enjoy your time.
daisy g said…
We host several species of caterpillars and have lots of milkweed in our garden. They feed not only monarchs, but queen caterpillars and pollinators love 'em!

Enjoy your time in the pool. It must make getting through the heat of summer bearable.
This N That said…
Weeds can easily get ahead of you but some are pretty depending on their location..They can get pretty invasive as you know..Letting them get tall makes them easier to pull..Love the butterfly shots..Wish there were more around here..Hope you are having a good week..
An American in Tokyo said…
The milkweed and butterflies are beautiful!
I just saw a caterpillar turn into a butterfly this past month, probably the first time in my life! It was very exciting and made me feel like I was a 6 year old! hee hee!

Thank you for always sharing your beautiful life with us!