If You Wondered About That Apparently Pregnant Goat, This Post is For You!

Contrary to popular belief,
this goat is not pregnant.

Some of us, you see, just never get our waistlines back after pregnancy.
Shhhhh!  Don't tell her... she thinks she's svelte!!
Our Nigerian Dwarf goats all look a little stout.
But since we have no buck in the herd, 
I am pretty sure that none are "with kid."

The past few days have given us temperatures around 40...
so the snow is starting to melt and slide off the barn roof.

It's always interesting how as it melts it curls down around the overhang.
I am sure there is a scientific reason for this phenomenon...
but I have yet to discover it.

Everyone is enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Right now everyone sleeps standing up.

Red's on to something...
If you sleep next to the fence, you can actually lean against it 
and it's almost like lying down!

With the brightness of the sun and the reflection of the snow,
I believe that Moonbeam could use a pair of sunglasses over those squinty eyes!

Here is one of Moll's favorite perches when the sun is out.

Ahhh...nothing like a good stretch in the warmth of the sun.
Kitty yoga.

It's hard to believe that Groundhog Day is right around the corner....
and Spring will follow in about 6 weeks.
We've been very lucky this winter.
It's been unseasonably warm until this monster storm hit.
And it seems as though the warmth has returned.

I must say, though, that I am excited for the colors that Spring brings back to the earth!

And just in case you needed a little bigger dose of cute...
this is for you!

Pyrex, it's not just for baking!


Candice said…
Precious little pink fairy!
This N That said…
I seriously thought about putting sunglasses on in my house the other day it was so bright. We have been very sunny and are having a slow melt....we are now knee-high and snow rather than thigh high in snow... In the teens this morning! But it is going to warm up a little .. Stay warm .xxxooo
Flab is universal, even among animals!
Unknown said…
I can totally relate to Miss Goat! Waistlines are hard to maintain!
Junebug said…
He, he, my thoughts were the same about poor Miss Goatie!I can so relate to that mid line! Your snow is sure pretty but I'm sure all the animals will be glad when it is gone. Spring 6 weeks, yikes, I best get my planner out, oh this retirement has me way behind!!

Love picture of Miss Cutie!!!
How adorable is the goat & the baby,have a great weekend,phyllis
That baby is just the cutest ever. A squeezer for sure!
Kris said…
I cannot believe that goat is not pregnant! And that baby is adorable. Grandbaby?
xo Kris
Bee Haven Bev said…
Yep, thats Mackenzie, our little Pink Fairy....born in August.
Hi Beverly,
OMG! The photo of Mackenzie is priceless!
Well, You could have fooled me. I was sure the goat was pregnant..
Enjoy your weekend...
Anonymous said…
hi beverly...love your pictures and commentaries, narrations, words of wisdom...the animals definitely live in the moment...and the photo of the little miss is definitely cuteness overload...thank you...take care...sally
diane in wis said…
Oh my gosh Bev .... your pictures are awesome....especially that last one....so adorable!!! Thanks for bringing a big smile to my night!
Ellen in Oregon said…
Please let that poor girly goat know that I sincerely apologize for making such a rude assumption. Of course she's not pregnant. I should have realized that she was just blessed with an amazing pair of curvaceous hips.

Great photos of Moonbean & Moll. I don't think I've seen Moonbean before. Two beautiful floofy cats. There are times where I do that same yoga stretch & boy, does it feel good to stretch these old bones.

Your little fairy girl is growing up so fast. It seems like she was just born and here she is leaping & jumping around just like you'd expect a little fairy to do. Quite a creative use of Pyrex too.
Lynne said…
YAY for Pyrex!