For Whom The Bell Tolls

How do you get seven equines to come back in from the pasture
(their very favorite place)
for their dinner?

Why, you ring the dinner bell of course!

We found this out quite by accident last Sunday as we were talking to our friends
who are going to help us MC the wedding festivities.
We rang the wedding bell to demonstrate how it sounds 
and all seven equines came running into the barn area.

I can use this to my advantage.
There are days that they ignore the sound of my voice.
And on those days the bell with chime.

Crazy equines...."send not for whom the bell tolls for thee!"


This N That said…
I thought you used that in the past.Great picture. Love to see horses running. Have a good day!
colleen said…
Makes me wonder...why...did the bell call them?? Buy hey if it works...use it when needed. lol
NanaDiana said…
Love it! I have a dinner bell that I ring to call the kids in from playing or up from the bay, too. How does that fit in with you can lead a horse to water? lol xo Diana
Anonymous said…
Oh, this brought back such fond memories! Growing up in the early to mid 60s, all of the household had cow bells, and we knew when it was our time to come home by the sound of ours.

Good morning Bev,
Seems like I have been away forever... So good to be back and visit your wonderful farm.
I love the sound of the bell.. Great idea... I think you are correct, after a while the sound of your voice goes in one ear and out the other.. So this is a good thing!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
ha! unintentional training!
Anonymous said…
neat. My dad used to use the old school hand bell. So for supper my friends and I played at the cottage in the field making tree forts what have you . So when it was time for supper. Dad rang the bell. So my friends parents thought what a great idea. So when my dad rang for me the next night. The other Mothers had supper for them . As they had problems getting the kids in. We were kids that were at the cottage all summer.
Lynne said…
I'd say, "Great Discovery!"
An American in Tokyo said…
Ha ha ha!! Wonderful!!