Hayless in PA, But That's OK

And so the rain continues...
heavy, heavy rains yesterday!

During the morning hours,
before the heavy rains,
I worked in the garden and pulled out a lot of tomato plants.
It was an awful summer for tomatoes.
Most did not ripen, but rotted on the vine.
Eventually, even the vines rotted from the cool moist weather.

Oh well...there's always next summer, right?

We are in wedding planning mode around here
and probably will be for the next 10 months.
It's official, Amanda is engaged!
Her beau, Tim, proposed as they hiked through the Shenandoah Mountains last Saturday.

Her ring consists of a knot with a sapphire and two diamonds that
came from her grandmother.

A farm wedding is scheduled for next June 20th.

What fun it will be, getting this place decorated!
Starting next Spring, I will keep you up to date with the plans and progress.
Oh, what fun we will have!

Do you think we can turn this...

into this...?
courtesy of Pinterest
And which of our three do you think could handle this job?

courtesy of Pinterest
Probably not Annie, as she breaks the land-speed record every chance she gets.

Definitely not Sammy, as he would have to stop at every guest along the aisle
and paw at them to pet him.

Looks like Oakley wins by default...thank goodness we have almost a year to practice!

And so, as the moist, cool weather continues,
I am forced to search for hay to buy...
it doesn't look like we will be feeding any of our own this winter!

Here is my next batch of jewelry, ready for sale.

If there are any amongst this batch that you would like...
email me...and tell me your wrist size.
I will send you a better picture if you like.
They are $35 each. 
(The owl and the horse are $25)
I also made this charm necklace/bracelet (it can be worn as either)

It comes with your choice of leather strap for $40, and each additional
spare strap for $7 (red, turquoise or brown).

Have a great weekend!!


Joyce said…
I am so thrilled to have received one of these fabulous bracelets as part of the giveaway last week! It is beautiful! The leather is heavy weight, yet supple and the charm is appropriately charming. My favorite part, however, is the awesome loop and clasp closure!! It is simple, substantial and really balances the bracelet and finishes it off so well! A bonus is it easy to use! Thank you, thank you for this beautiful piece! I enjoy wearing it and have received many compliments on it! I'm eyeing up a second one now.... :)
jaz@octoberfarm said…
sorry about your hay. it will be so much fun preparing for the wedding! i bet you are in overdrive with ideas for it!
colleen said…
Too bad about the hay!! But to balance if off...making wedding plans!! Your new batch of jewelry is beautiful. I wear my bracelet everyday and never tire of it. Hope someday to buy a second one.
daisy g said…
Congratulations on the wedding! What a great place to propose!

I hope you can find hay at a good price. What will you do with the hay that you grew?
Enjoy your weekend!
Bee Haven Bev said…
We will have it round-baled to get it off the ground, maybe. We will donate it to the farmer down the road with cattle....if he can't use it...will keep some bales just as decoration for the wedding.
Patsy from Illinois said…
Oh my gosh, I live in east central Illinois and this is the best year we have ever had for tomatoes. And I don't know why. The weather has been cool and rainy and usually maters don't like that but I have given away so many, folks don't want them anymore. That usually only happens with my zucchini! Ha.
Now you know how I feel. Would love to see one of the littles walk down the aisle. That would be so great.
Junebug said…
Goodness you are getting your share of the rain. Wedding plans,how fun! All I can say to Oakley is practice makes perfect. But just in case I think their is pretty cute Tyler that could fill in! Enjoy your day with rain and all, Hugs!!
Laura Sudderth said…
I am awfully sorry about the hay. Very disappointing for you both. Gosh, send some rain our way please. Seems like mother nature is all topsy turvey these past few months. We didnt get a winter and you all had a monstrosity of one. We are in total drought here. I think having the littles in the wedding, with those sweet flower head dresses would be ADORABLE!!! Have a wonderful weekend, stay dry.
Unknown said…
I hate that your tomatoes were bad this year. Down here in Georgia it was the best tomato growing weather I've ever seen - for the first time in 4 years I had tomatoes coming out my ears! Can't wait to see the wedding in progress!
Unknown said…
Is your meteorologist THAT bad at predicting rainfall in the area?
Ellen in Oregon said…
How wonderful for Amanda & her beau to have gotten engaged in such a special place. The ring is gorgeous and I love that it includes her Grandmother's diamonds as part of the setting. IIt is a beautiful custom ring. Now I don't know that Ollie will look quite as calm & romantic as the horse in the Pintrest photo. Too bad Daphne & Chloe are so stubborn because they would look lovely in matching floral headpieces. Getting them to walk on command - not so much.
Unknown said…
It's hard to believe that you have had so much rain that your tomatoes rotted! This was a great year for my tomatoes...I am still getting them..yay. Sorry but I bet you will have a ton next year.

So happy for Amanda and your family with the up and coming wedding. I can't wait to see all your plans, I know it will be fabulous. It's a beautiful ring and it's so cool that the stones have family heritage.

Is that purple flower a Morning Glory? It sure is stunning.
Kim said…
I just love that red bracelet with the flower. You don't happen to need some crocheted baby cowboy boots do you?
Bee Haven Bev said…
Hi Kim. That bracelet is actually a nice autumn orange. No, I don't have any crocheted baby cowboy boots. Have you checked Etsy? I bet you could find them there!