Blueberries, Turkeys and Tyler

It's Sunday evening.
As I sit and write this, the rain is falling outside.
Much needed storms have moved in after a beautiful weekend,
watering the garden and flower beds...
once again saving me from having to water Monday morning.

It was a perfect weekend...not only weather-wise,
but also activity-wise.

Saturday was a Tyler and Grammie day.

While Tyler's mommy and daddy were kayaking on the river,
Tyler spent the day with Grammie.

We picked blueberries...

and ate as many as we picked!

And then we ate some more...

We had a little help from Tom and Chuck.

Most days, when Tyler comes for a visit, we leave the turkeys in their fenced-in yard.
These big birds, who can run as fast as the gator, are somewhat intimidating
to a four year old.

But since, on this particular day, the turkeys were already out and about,
we decided to tackle fears head-on.
I talked to Tyler about the importance of not acting scared...even if you are.
We discussed the fact that if you run from the turkeys, they will chase you...
not to be mean, but just because they are extraordinarily inquisitive.

So we decided that the best course of action was to stand our ground 
and just talk to the turkeys, or even better... to just ignore them.

I am happy to say that all went well,
and by the end of the blueberry picking...

as we sat in the gazebo and ate them, 
Tyler also fed a healthy amount to his new found friends...Tom and Chuck!

He also dished out kisses to Sammy,
since Sammy can't have blueberries.

We ended our Saturday with some pool time and a cook-out with Tyler's mommy and daddy.

On Sunday, Hubbs and I and took a kayaking trip with our friends, Jim and Kathy,
and Amanda, and the newlyweds Ashley and Andy.
We feasted on fresh produce from the garden
and local chicken which we cooked very slow in the smoker.
Homemade blueberry ice-cream topped off the meal.

It was a perfect weekend...filled with good fun, great family, and yummy food.
And topped off with a gentle, soaking rain?
Who could ask for more?
I am every so thankful for the blessings in my life...
so very evident this beautiful weekend.


Country Gal said…
Wonderful photos ! Looks like a perfect fun time for ya all with Tyler there . Supper and desert sounds
YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !
Lynne said…
Grammie Tyler time sounded Just Perfect . . .
Makes it so wonderful when the rains show up at just the right time . . .
Have a great week . . .
jaz@octoberfarm said…
what a perfect weekend. i love the shot of tyler stuffing blueberries in his mouth. what wonderful memories he will have!
Candice said…
Tyler Time is always special. Love the photo of Sammy's face as Tyler kisses him. So sweet!
Junebug said…
Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. Of course anytime with Grand Kids is a perfect time in my book. Enjoy your day, Hugs!!
This N That said…
Cute picture of Tyler. It's hard when you're only four to act like you're not scared when you're about to P your pants. Our rain wasn't very gentle or soaking for that matter we had 3 inches of rain. I'm sure a lot of it ran off. Lots of downed branches. Glad I won't have to water for a couple of days. It was a beautiful weekend.
rosedel said…
All I could think about was "Blueberries for Sal". Does anybody else remember that book? Kerplink, Kerplank, Kerplunk, go the berries in the pail, but Sal ended up eating all her berries!
Bee Haven Bev said…
"Blueberries for Sal"
I never read it, but I might have to add it to our library!
Anonymous said…
Gosh...what a great place you have made for you and your family. Would you adopt me? *grin*
daisy g said…
Sounds p-e-r-f-e-c-t!!! So glad you have your loved ones so close to you. Good on ya, Tyler!