Randomness From A Random Weekend

After the worst winter ever,
we, here in Central PA, are experiencing the most splendid Spring and Summer!
For those of you who are suffering with too much heat, too little rain,
too much rain, too little heat... I am sorry, really I am.
And if I could send you some perfection, I would.

I am sure our luck will change, but for now I am reveling in these blue skied,
temperate days with adequate rainfall to make garden watering almost unnecessary.

We had a lovely weekend, fairly quiet, here on the farm.

We even fired up the pizza oven for a little homemade pizza dinner...just Hubbs and I.

As I had eluded to on Friday... I attended an auction on Saturday with a very 
specific goal.
There were two items upon which I intended to bid with the hope of winning both.

First was this wonderful antique Chesapeake and Ohio railroad baggage cart...
original paint...old and weathered with terrific bones.
It is half as wide as our hay wagon and ¾ as long... a pretty good sized cart!

I researched it and found that most sell for about $1500.  
I was prepared to pay a fair price...hopefully not the above price, however.

I have no way to explain my good fortune...luck was on my side that day, I guess.
Because, I bid and bid and bid....and only ended up paying $175.
This is an amazing price...unheard of, really.

By now I am sure you are saying...
"What on earth is she going to do with this?"

Well, it's basic function will be decorative for the farm...
a rustic, interesting platform that will hold terra-cotta pots of flowers in the summertime.
And next summer, when we host Amanda's farm wedding, this cart will double as a drink station...
carrying galvanized wash tubs full of ice and drinks.

The second item that I had wanted to bid on was this lot of crystal chandelier teardrops.
Each one is about 6 inches long...and heavy!

I am happy to say I won them....48 of them...at a third of the price they are going for on Ebay.
Again, I am sure you are wondering what these will be used for.
All I can say is ...something quite magical... and you will have to wait a week for the big reveal.

You have probably guessed that I love repurposing old stuff...
like old chicken feeders...turned into planters....

Hubbs' old work boot....

I am not a packrat by any means, but I would rather use something old than buy something new!

Also from this weekend:
I would like to leave you with another episode in the life of Ginger and MaryAnn...

And the last little bit of randomness....

There just doesn't seem to be enough available lap room around here!

This is precisely why I never get to nap.

But speaking of naps...
one more bit of randomness.
Last night while we were playing shuffleboard at the pavilion,
Sammy was curled up napping in a little bramble den in the woods...

The funny thing is...
Sammy was found abandoned in the woods as a puppy.
I think he's quite comfortable there!

How's that for a random collection!
Happy Monday, all....hope your day is great.


What a great post! Your cart is amazing, and it has found the perfect resting place on your farm. As for those piggies, I have never seen carrots disappear so fast! (And noisily!) The photo of you trying to nap is so funny and sweet at the same time. Where would we be without our darling four-legged friends?

Perfect weekend! And here in Connecticut we are really enjoying that weather as well.. just got all the hay out of the fields, the smell is delicious.
daisy g said…
Wow! Such great deals! That wagon car is amazing!

So happy for you that the weather is finally cooperating! You deserve every ray of sunshine and every cool breeze!
Moggie said…
Great score at the auction! Can't wait to see what you do with the crystals. And interesting about Sammy sleeping in the woods...he remembers :) Did I see Moll's tail in the piggy video as she went by? Great pic of you trying to nap. Really love your blog, it starts my day every morning.
Lynne said…
Delightful . . . ALL!
Last two pics . . . brought huge smiles!
Anonymous said…
Perfect randomness and I am in love with the cart you bought! Others there must not have known it's true value for it to have sold so cheaply... Congratulations! We have had cloudy weather every day for a week with no rain other than perhaps 10 drops. But the humidity is high... not our ideal weather, which I guess went to the north of us to your neck of the woods... xox
jaz@octoberfarm said…
don't you just love auctions? i have had that happen a few times. I have also had it go the other way too. can't wait to see what you do with the crystal drops. you are a mama cushion!
Junebug said…
Love, love the cart. I can see so many uses for it! Hummm, tear drop crystals? I'm sure the project will be out of this world. Enjoy your day and you could try to nap on your side, it would give a little more room!! LOL
This N That said…
It was a lovely weekend for sure..Due for some humidity now...Glad you got your cart..It will be a fun addition..What is the little car sitting next to it???Good deal on the cart..I guess the teardrops will be wedding bling? Yup, If you don't know what to do with something, you can always stick a plant in it..Who would ever think of Oakie as a lap dog?? Nobody has a lap that big !! Pictures don't lie though..Cute! Sammy looks very comfy..Loved your 'random collection"..Have a fun week..
Laura Sudderth said…
If anyone deserves a glorious spring and summer is you all. Goodness, we need an epic winter out here in California. I love, love, love that cart and I cannot believe the price! A steal. I am very curious what you are going to do with those crystals. I thought, is that Beverly underneath all the animals? It is always good to have smiles on a Monday...in a government cubicle....reading blogs. Ha Ha.
Susannah said…
Your new baggage cart is wonderful. And will be perfect to serve all your cold beverages at the wedding...neat idea. I love coming to your blog....I have told you before but ...it is a happy time for me. Thanks and have a glorious week!
An American in Tokyo said…
Glad to see you got your auction items! Can't wait to see how the drops will be used!

Awww...Ginger and MaryAnn are so cute!! Somehow I thought pigs were noisier. I love that all you hear is their crunching! It reminds me of how much I love to hear horses crunch on carrots, too!

The weather looks so perfect! Over here we are experiencing strange rainstorms. I wish I could spend about a month in your part of the woods! ;)
Velva said…
Cheers to your winning bids at the auction! Cheers to beautiful weather that makes Mother Nature that more beautiful and cheers to the pups who can relax on and with their owners :-) And Sammy who can find a comfortable spot in the bramble.
Katmom said…
ref: No more lap room... lol!. I am just surprised there isn't a hennypenny or goatiegoat in the mix! lol!