Sometimes They Surprise You

It's almost 9 PM.
The sun has set in the west, leaving it's fiery handprint on the sky.

It's time to tuck in the animals for the night.

Fly masks come off,
and rations of hay are doled out.

It's time to walk the turkeys back to their home.
Ever since their move to the house by the barn, two weeks ago,
they have been a little confused at bedtime.
Usually I find them loitering outside the chicken house that they used to call home.
But not on this night.

No, tonight they are nowhere to be found.

Ordinarily I have to walk them across the expanse of this field...
sometimes with a Ritz cracker bribe.
But not tonight.

No, tonight, for some unknown reason,
the turkeys have decided that their new home is just that.


And here is where they have taken themselves and put themselves to bed.
All by themselves.
(First time...EVER!)
Miracles never cease.
Goodnight, Tom.
Goodnight, Chuck.

I'll see you both early in the morning.

I am so only a turkey mother could be!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
well, go figure! they are so cute! big turkey boys!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh bless their hearts! I have the same problem when I move the young chickens into the main coop with the grown-ups. It is always exciting when they remember where to go all by themselves. There is something about your turkeys though that just melts my heart. They seem almost human sometimes!

Kathy from Tasmania
I wish I'd been as smart as your animals and went to bed at 9:00 pm!!! ; )

Have a great day!
Nancy said…
Oh, I love this post. Animals are so smart. Even if it does take some longer than others. At least you know there's a brain in there somewhere. :) Tom and Chuck are keepers.
Anonymous said…
How nice that they are not at all stressed out over the new digs and have taken to it so well. Love that!
Gone Country said…
Heehee, took them a while but maybe they've got it figured out now! Or maybe they're tired of Ritz crackers.....naaaaah! LOL
tpals said…
Hooray! Are you ever tempted to bring in more turkey hens?
Unknown said…
Good job, boys! You are such good made mommie so happy!
Country Gal said…
They knew where they wanted to kip for the night smart fellows ! Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !
This N That said…
Wow..What smart turkeys..If not, just a little slow..gotta love the boys..
daisy g said…
Yippee! Hope they got the treat anyway! ;0)
Lynne said…
Finally found their way and all settled in! All is well with the world . . .