Houdini Goats

Yesterday was a marathon work day.
I went to the barn at 6:30 AM and, except for breakfast and lunch,
spent the entire day outside....9 hours!

Our weather is still chilly...45 degrees,
but compared to what it has been for so long, it feels balmy.
The scattered showers that had been predicted missed the farm,
so I had the perfect opportunity to catch up on outside work.

When I was done with the routine AM chores, I raked the Nigerian dwarf goat pen.

We try to keep the excess hay cleaned up from the ground beneath the hay feeder.
Doing so helps to keep the ground dry... helping to prevent hoof problems caused by too much 

We recycle everything here on the farm,
and so this uneaten hay will be put in the chicken yard.
The chickens love to dig through piles of hay, scattering it around as bedding in their pen.

While I was raking, I moved the Nigerians into the pasture across the road from their pen.
This became quite the adventure, as they first made a perimeter check.

A patch of weeds provided a little morning snack.

Finished with the raking, I headed to the barn to finish the last of the hoof trimming.
With the Littles and Donnie Brasco finished, Scarlet...

And Moonbeam...

were all that remained.

Hoof trimming is physically hard work that requires a strong back and knees.
I have learned that it helps to do just two horses at a time.
I keep a natural hoof on all of my equines.

And so, rasping the bottom of the hoof with a file (to remove excess growth)
and smoothing out the edges every few weeks keeps their hooves in great shape.

Plenty of treats for "holding still" help to make the procedure trouble-free.
Trouble free, that is, after I placed a barricade at the entrance to the barn,
to keep the crazy turkeys (who are once again friends) outside.

Back in the dry lot, Moonbeam and Donnie engaged in a little mutual grooming.
It seems that Moonbeam just cannot get enough grooming.

"I'll scratch yours if you scratch mine!"

As I finished sweeping the hoof trimmings out of the barn,
I heard Maddie barking as if she were troubled.
(Yes, Maddie always brings half of the barnyard home on her coat!)

She had earlier found a safe spot (away from the scary turkeys) out by the garden,
but I could tell by her bark that something was amiss.

Looking up towards the pasture where I left the goats,
I realized that there was only 1 goat there.
Poor Stella was bleating her heart out...calling for her long lost friends.

Apparently the other 4 had made a break for it.
They didn't go far....just back to their own pen.
And I have no idea how these four-legged Houdinis escaped...
apparently neither did Stella!

I have to tell you...
the thing that made me happiest yesterday was spreading composted manure.
After months of bad weather, it was finally dry enough to get this job done.

Spring rains will help to drive this rich dark compost into the soil of our hayfields...
fresh organic fertilizer...and another way that we recycle.

With any luck, the weather will continue to warm
so that I can get Spring vegetables planted in the garden...
maybe this weekend will give me the opportunity.

Happy Easter to you and yours from all of us at Bee Haven Acres!
Easter is a "double" holiday this year for me...
as it is also my birthday!


Stephane said…
Happy Birthday...Enjoy your day and Happy Easter
colleen said…
Happy Easter and Birthday to you!! Your post makes me want to get outside and get things tidy for spring....but we still have snow on the ground and where there isn't snow it's muddy...just might put rubber boots on and make the best of it...just to be outside. Thanks again for completing my morning coffee
Jill said…
Happy Birthday Bev!
Jill said…
Happy Birthday Bev!
Unknown said…
Thanks for more adventures LOL I wonder how those goats escaped? Poor Stella. Hope the weather keeps cooperating for you. And have a wonderful birthday!
Candice said…
Happy Easter and Happy Birthday, Bev. We are headed to Houston this weekend to celebrate Easter and a friend's birthday, which also falls on Easter. Enjoy!
Happy Birthday Beverly! I know you will enjoy you day surrounded by your family and animals. What more could a girl want. Have a wonderful day on Sunday and Happy Easter.
Country Gal said…
Lovely photos ! It is nice to be able to get out with out freezing . I remember when I was on the farm I would be out from sunrise to sun set doing chores but I loved it and I do miss it . The temps are warming up here to and it is wonderful still has a bit of chill in the breeze . Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend and a Happy Birthday !
Gone Country said…
Your turkeys are hilarious! Will you, eventually, get another female for them? I'm sure they're missing Edith as much as you are.

Oh, to spend the day working outdoors. To me, it helps clear the mind and it does my body good. I've struggled with that being cooped up in the 5th wheel now. I'm walking LizzieBelle three times a day now just so I can get outside, lol! (Plus, we both need the exercise now that we're not working in the garden, tending the chickens, mowing, or in LizzieBelle's case just running around the farm chasing birds and squirrels!)

Anyhoo, Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a great day with family and friends. (Hubby's birthday is on Monday, April Fool's Day! Yea, he gets teased a lot, lol!)
Anke said…
Happy Easter and happy Birthday Bev! May the weekend be sunny and beautiful and your next year all you want it to be!
This N That said…
I'm sure you enjoyed finally having a comfortable day to work outside...You sure took advantage of it..Good thing Maddie was keeping an eye on the goaties..She knows when things aren't as they should be..good for her..
Happy Birthday...Enjoy your day..xx's
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and also a Happy Easter. I also wish for you, a beautiful sunshine filled day. Fingers crossed...
Meghan Grace said…
I just love Maddie! What an amazing dog she is! Happy Birthday and Happy Easter, Bev. Hugs, Meghan
Unknown said…
Happy BIRTHDAY to you! I hope you spend your time wisely...being catered to.

Have a blessed Easter with your family.

I love this post! There is something about those turkeys in the background lurking around...
Susannah said…
Happy Birthday to a very sweet person! And enjoy Easter, too!!!!!

jaz@octoberfarm said…
happy birthday! it is my daughter's birthday as well. have a great weekend and easter! glad you are getting some good weather!
JudiB said…
Happy Birthday Bev..and enjoy Easter which is an added bonus.
Overdrive with the spring ideas just flowing..lo. Sure tired at night but a great feeling isn't it.
Not sure who enjoys this weather more our animals or ourselves..lol
Have a Great Weekend with Family and Friends.

JUdi B.
KareBear said…
Have a Happy Easter weekend and wishes for a Happy Birthday headed your way, as well, Bev!
KareBear said…
Have a Happy Easter and wishes for a Happy Birthday are headed your way, as well!
Janet F. said…
Happy Easter and Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and so enjoy reading about your life on the farm. Thank you for sharing.
Lynne said…
Happy Easter Birthday Apron Pinafore Lady!
Love your Houdini's!
KareBear said…
This is my third attempt to wish a Happy Easter
and Birthday wishes for Beverly,
but can't seem to post...
can't figure out what I'm doing wrong??? :(