Wanted: Farm Hand

Wanted:  Farm Hand
(would settle for just a finger, however!)

Yep, that's my index finger.
Ugly, huh?

I tripped over our Newfie, Maddie, in the dark on Saturday evening,
fell...sending the plates that I was carrying smashing to the floor,
and ending up with a swollen, painful, broken finger.
(Sadly, I think my fingernail is a goner.)

This morning's farm chores will be a challenge.
Hopefully I will finish them in time to start the afternoon chores.
(One of you asked about the "down" side to farm life...well, this might just be "it"!)

But enough of that!

Other than the "incident", I had a wonderful weekend.  Much of my weekend was spent
with my girls and Tyler.

Muppy, Grammie and Tyler
Tyler and his mommy, Jenn, arrived at the farm yesterday in time for Sunday Farm Breakfast
(a weekly ritual).

We visited the pigs,

fed the goats Ritz crackers,

filled the donkeys' water tub,
(it's never too early to learn farm chores)

cleaned the pasture,

carried "poopy" to the gator 
(dropped some of it on the way...producing tears of disappointment in himself...
we assured him that we drop it all of the time!)

(Note to self:  find child sized work tools!)

 We helped Muppy (Hubbs) with moving some hay,

climbed to the top of the hayloft,

ate lunch,

and read books.
What fun it is to finally be able to hold conversations with our little buddy!

A big, hearty "Thank You" to Amanda for helping with farm chores and cooking dinner yesterday!
(I was relieved of all duties for the day!)

Braided sweet potato and chicken in honey mustard sauce...homemade bread dough....yum!

Today our picnic pavilion and outhouse will be finished!
I can hardly wait to use them... both of them!


Lynne said…
Big time OUCH, broken fingers hurt, I know!

Adorable little farm hand . . . teaching youngins' young is a very good idea!

I hope the finger "ouch" is better soon!
Candice said…
No need to look any further...sweet little Tyler gets my vote for the Farm Hand position. Giving him his own little farm tools will make it official. Hope that the finger heals quickly and that the nail grows back nicely.
Country Gal said…
OUCH ! That looks sore ! Hope it heals soon ! Oh what a sweety I love photos of kiddy's with farm animals awesome photos ! Glad your weekend was a good one ! Have a good day !
jaz@octoberfarm said…
oh no...ouch! your finger and my thumb! your nail does look like a goner. i love the photo of tyler dishing out the ritz crackers...and the goat waiting so patiently!
OUCH!! Have you splinted it?

That braided dinner looks and sounds absolutely awesome. Yum!
Share the recipe?

Anke said…
Yikes, your finger looks bad. Made me gasp... I hope it will heal quickly and you'll get some help doing all the farm chores in the meantime. If I lived closer, I'd love to help... The dinner looked delicious, any chance you might share the recipe?
Cindy said…
So sorry about you finger. It looks very painful! Hope it heals fast, but I think you deserve a rest. Maybe dream about your spring garden?!
Junebug said…
ouch, ouch, ouch!! Oh I hate it when we hurt ourselves. That finger looks very painful. Thank goodness for Amanda helping you out yesterday. If I wasn't across the US I would have been there in a heart beat.

Of course it is amazing how our pain can ease when we have a little grandchild to play with. I'm sure he was lots of help!!

Ouch one more time!! Tell that finger to heal fast!
Ow! Okay, how can Tyler be that big already? He was just a baby a couple months ago, wasn't he? Now he's a big boy doing farm chores. Yes, get him some Tyler-sized tools because he looks like he really loves helping.
This N That said…
Ouch..Poor you and poor finger..The braided sweet potato and chicken looks good..I think I saw something like that on Pinterest..didn't know what it was...Glad Amanda was home to help..Tyler is such a cutie..
Unknown said…
Sounds like all in all it was a nice weekend. Sorry about your finger sending wishes over that it heals quickly and the "throbbing" stops soon. Tyler is a adorable and it's so great that he he is interested in the farm. Have a great day!
Rebecca said…
ooooooHHH! I am so sorry about your finger, that looks so painful. The worst part of that is trying to go about your daily business with a sore finger. I hope it gets better quick. Love the cute pictures. I got small size garden tools for my grandson, he loves them!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Recipe PLEASE?
Kris said…
Oh my, your finger looks so painful!!! I hope you heal up quickly!!! The sequence of photos with your grandson was just precious!!!
xo Kris
Anonymous said…
Other than the finger, it looks like a perfect weekend! Hope you heal quickly.
Kristen said…
Please share the recipe - looks super yummy!
Sorry about the injury - funny how it is the routine things that get us - work on a farm, all manner of animals and equipment - but more often than not, it is tripping over a dog or cat that does us in!
Unknown said…
Oh, Beverly! I hope that looks worse than it is! It looks to be very painful for sure. I hope it is feeling somewhat better soon. Great pics. Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend.
Ouch, your finger looks so sore. I hate that throbbing feeling when you hurt a finger. I hope it heals fast. Tyler always looks like he has a good time visiting the farm.
Unknown said…
OMGosh, that looks nasty...so sorry. What a wonderful daughter to take over for you....she is the spitin' imagine of you...so pretty!

I can tell, you all enjoy that young man...and what a wonderful setting for him...to grow in.
Bee Haven Bev said…
Too funny....because that was a picture of me!!!
jenifer said…
hey here's some tools for him http://www.forsmallhands.com/child-size-garden-tools-for-ages-3-to-5
They look pretty decent - maybe not quite what you are using, but perhaps you could get him a wheelbarrow to carry the stuff

Mary said…
Ow! So sorry about your finger. And yep, very painful. Just like a broken toe... But i'll bet time with Tyler and your daughter helped with some of that pain? :) Dinner sounds (and looks) super yummy!
Robyn said…
Oh ouch! That finger looks very painful! Im so sorry about that!... OK Tyler is ADORABLE!! I love seeing him with all the animals, working on some chores.. What an AWESOME place your house must be for him to come. I would have loved that as a child.. Sheesh I love it as an adult.. LOL.. And I adore that your hubbys nickname? is Muppy? Is that what Tyler calls him? So cute.. LOL
Esther L. said…
Your dinner looks delicious! I make something similar with broccoli and ham. Any chance you would share the recipe?

Sorry about the finger--it looks terribly painful. I hope it heals with relative speed!
Ouch! I'm sure the little guy took your mind off your finger! Dinner looked delicious!
GardenOfDaisies said…
He is the most adorable little farm hand, ever! So sorry about your finger.