Coming of Age

Our little Leo the Lion has come of age.
(Here he is last summer when he just appeared on the farm...
cute, huh?  Of course we kept him!)

And with maturation comes hormone induced behaviors.
Apparently he has been fighting with "someone"...we aren't sure who.

How did we know?
Well this furry little man has taken to hiding out in the hayloft of the barn for the past
couple of days.  When I checked on him, I realized he was limping.
Close inspection revealed a wounded leg.
I had Dr. Becky examine him and she said it was abscessed.

So, yesterday afternoon, Leo went under anesthesia...

Dr. Becky debrided his leg wounds (two bites)...

And removed his testicles!

His surgery went well,
and he gradually woke up...a little "loopy" for a while.

His leg wound will remain open
and he will care for it himself...
keeping it clean.

Looks like someone is going to be spending a little more time in the hayloft.
After that the fighting should be a thing of the past
and we will have our sweet Leo back again.

I've said it before...
testosterone is the root of all evil!
(Just kidding, Hubbs!)

PS: we have been getting some much needed rain here on the farm these past 3 days.
The newly planted grass is happy.

The horses are not.


Deb said…
Better things are to come, Leo. Now, you can relax and enjoy the farm. Heal well, sweetie. Deb
Cindy said…
I wondered if you were getting any of that snow. Glad to hear it was just rain!
Your poor kitty! We have a neutered male that still gets into scrapes occasionally. I think he is just defending our home for us:)
Country Gal said…
Love the last photo all standing there ! Hope all goes well for Leo , yup nutering does the trick ! Have a great day !
Gone Country said…
Poor Leo, I hope he heals quickly.

You surprised me with the removal of the testicals line! I wasn't expecting that! But, it's a good thing for both you and Leo.

We also had some very-much needed rain the last several days. Everything is so much happier because of it... even me! I like seeing everything turn green and grow from the nourishing rain.
Junebug said…
Well Mr. Leo look what all the male thing got you into. I hope now you will be the sweet Leo and heal fast. Love the picture of the horses. Mom, will you make the rain stop? We want to go out and play! It looks like we may get rain today also. I sure enjoyed the sunshine. But my back and aching muscles will enjoy the break. Enjoy you day, Hugs!
Hope Leo's leg heals up quickly. I bet the attitude adjustment surgery will help with the fighting!
Anonymous said…
OH neat... I've never seen testicles that have been removed. Interesting... hope that abscess heals up quickly and all is soon good for the little fella again.
Birdie said…
Better days ahead for Mr.Leo. :0)
Anonymous said…
I wish my neighbors would get their cats fixed, so they quit coming to my place and fighting with my neutered males. Hope Leo makes a quick recovery.
This N That said…
Poor Leo!! Guess he needed an attitude adjustment altho he's always seemed so sweet..Hope his leg does OK...

I was not prepared for the introduction of freshly harvested testicles.

That is AWESOME.

Oh Leo, you don't know it right now but you are a lucky cat to be rid of those testicles. I hope his wounds heal quickly and he is back to being a happy kitty.
Christina said…
I'm so glad I found your blog! How can I not like the blog of a gal who follows my own heart and has pictures on animal bums on her page!!Then I saw the picture of the cat testicles and I knew I was hooked!! I have a hobby farm in Ontario with donkeys, dogs, cats and chickens.......come by and check us out too!
Mary said…
So glad Leo is getting better. He has such a sweet face and loving eyes. And yes, his being neutered will be much better for him and for you. The hayloft can't be such a bad place to be either. :) Give your feline boy a hug from Oregon?