What a Wonderful World

Some posts truly need no words.
This is one of those.

Today I'll let the animals show you what's in my heart....

Have a wonderful day!


PS....  this post was to be short on words!
But, I had a question about how Minerva is constructed.  
Her body is a long, thick tomato stake.
A cross piece of wood at the shoulders and the hips gives me a place to anchor clothes.  I also attached
a plastic hanger at the shoulder line, so as to give her shoulders a natural slope.  I used to stuff her body, but found that by the end of the summer her "boobs" became her "bum" and she ended up looking like a hunchback!  So, now she is rather flat through the body.

I previously made her head by sewing together two circles (with a little fabric added for a neck), but this gave her a rather flat head.  So....this year I tried for three dimensions.  Think of how a football is sewn together....several ellipses are sewn together to form the head shape.  The front two ellipses have a profile cut out of one side.

The profile pieces are sewn together...so that there is a seam running right down the middle of her face, but in that seam there is a forehead, nose and chin.  She is stuffed with polyester fiberfill, and a marble is inside her nose (held in place by the polyester)  I found that the fiberfill was not strong enough to hold her nose stiff...hence the marble.  Face drawn on with permanent marker....we cannot have her makeup running in the rain, now, can we?
Hair....braided yarn....sewn in place and anchored with hot glue.
Shirt and overalls complimentary of my closet.
Hat.....thrift store...ties added to keep it from blowing away...a little hot glue to help anchor it.
Apron....made by me.


Clint Baker said…
Everything looks so nice. Your raised beds are so cool, they are so much easier to grow in aren't they? God bless!
jean said…
Sweet video. Someday, the Lord will make His new earth where there will be peace and harmony among all the nations of people He has saved.
Old Time Cindy said…
Sammy and Bobby appear to be best friends. How cute!
Gone Country said…
Bobby & Sammy were so cute!

Isn't it wonderful to see the flowers blooming? Such a wonderful time of year.

And can I just say how talented you are with a sewing machine and so creative! Minerva is awesome!
Sammy is the best farm dog ever!
Junebug said…
I love the video this morning, ahhhh to have a friend in this world! Spring flowers are so pretty especially with the sun. Can you tell we have lack of sun in the NW? It's so good to see Miss Minerva sporting her new look! I'm sure this will give her a boost of energy to keep tending the garden! Enjoy your day!
Unknown said…
LOVED the video..I needed this..thanks.
Anonymous said…
Love Minerva and I love the video. Thanks for a bright beginning to this day.
Country Gal said…
Fantastic post ,photos and video it's funny our Harley kitty does the same thing to our Miggy ! This is why I love animals so much and they make every second of my day perfect ! I just love your garden lady . Have a great day !
May I come over please? Oh Bev, what a piece of heaven you have..
Thank you so much for entering my moussie giveaway! So happy you like her.
This N That said…
What a sweet post...It would be a wonderful world for sure if everyone got along like your animals do...What a nice life!!!
The video was great! Love seeing the harmony of the farm animals. Very nice.
Anonymous said…
Looks like Sammy and Bobby truly care about one another.... That's soooo nice. :-)
This was so sweet to watch. I love how they all get along, wonderful post.
jerilanders said…
Now that was really beautiful.. no words necessary at all. The horses in the sun, blue skies above, and blooming daffodils.. country living at its best!
Meghan Grace said…
Bobby is huge! What a great group of friends you have! Thanks so much for your posts, Bev! We are all waiting for your invitation to visit!!! :) I promise, we will be happy to clean the barn!!! Hugs, Meghan
forest said…
It's a shame we have to imagine what it would be like if everyone could live in harmony....Love the pics of all your four legged and feathered family....
The animals are all spectacular, but that dog is one good dog, indeed. Such a gentle boy....