Happy Birthday!

If I told you that I had a surprise to share with you,
you would probably guess that O'Malley gave birth.

And if you did guess that,
then you would be right!  

O'Malley had two little black and white twins...
one buckling and one doeling.

Thank goodness, too, because O'Malley had had it with the whole pregnancy thing.

She went into labor and in short order and with a little help from Dr. Becky,

delivered a little boy.

After a brief rest period during which she cleaned her little boy,

labor resumed and out came....

a little girl!

We took a little time to make sure they both got the hang of nursing.


Both kids are healthy and beautiful and O'Malley is quite relieved that they are here!

Happy Birthday, Twins!!!

PS...tomorrow is my birthday, and I will be turning 39....
(which would please my mother to no end.)
However, my soon-to-be 30-year-old daughter isn't buying it!
How well I remember turning 30...as if it were just yesterday!
(25 years of yesterdays ago!)

Oh, and have I ever told you...
there is nothing that makes my heart go pitter-patter
like a piece of heavy equipment!!

Many thanks to our friends at Valley Ag and Turf for loaning us this wonderful back-hoe!
What fun we will have this weekend!


Tami said…
Happy B-Day Bev!! You don't look a day over 39! @;> Seriously though...The older I get the younger everyone starts looking.
Happy Birthday Bev! Enjoy your day.
The kids are adorable.
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday, Bev - Daughter - Mom - Grammy!!!!!

And those babies are adorable!!
Country Gal said…
Happy Birthday Beverly . A wonderful post and photos of the goats coming into this world . Have a wonderful weekend !
Anonymous said…
Two little black and whites. Dominoes!!! Happy 30th. May it be all that you remember it to be. )))
Anke said…
Happy Birthday Bev! I hope you'll have a wonderful day/weekend with family, friends and heavy equipment. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Happy 39th birthday! Tell the 30 year old that this means she can be 20 again. It's a good deal! Ha ha
A very Happy Birthday to you, Bev. Isn't it funny how our idea of fun changes so much when we have a farm? Enjoy your weekend....and those new babies:-)
JudiB said…
Happy Birthday Bev..I hope you have an awesome day and a great year. As long as we think young we will stay young!!
Oh how adorable the newest arrivals are. Fantastic!! Won't be long and they will be out playing with the rest of the little ones.
Lucky you to have such an awesome pc of equipment to play with..I envy you!! Enjoy.
We had a batch of warm weather and now are back to cold..brrr!!
Unknown said…

Love that you will be 39 again...I think I will do that one in April, too! Have a great weekend. Have fun on the Big Toy!
This N That said…
Happy Birthday to everyone..Enjoy that backhoe..Tomorrow is to be in the 50's..Sounds like the rain will be overnight tonight..We'll keep our fingers crossed..Enjoy your day!!!
Teresa said…
Congratulations on the beautiful babies. What great birthday gifts. Happy Birthday!
Melissa Plank said…
Happy Birthday! Congrats on the new kids too!
Katmom said…
Hey Bev,
29! I keep telling you.. your 29!
I know what you said(past email) but not only do I run with scissors... I don't listen very well either! lol! so watch your mail box around the 6th!
Oh & you can be sure Karen & I will be toasting your's, her's & my B-days... after all,,, we are turning "29"! lol!
Hugz & happy B-day dear friend.
Happy Birthday to you and the baby goats!

And as a present, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award! You can claim it over at my site, if you would like to! It's just a fancy way to drive traffic to sites and get you a little more exposure.
Bliss said…
Cute kids, but I'm not touching the heavy equipment comment!

Bernadine said…
Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day. Perhaps some excavating, landscaping, earth moving with the wonderful back hoe? Enjoy. Thanks for the great photos in your blog.
Happy Birthday, Bev! Love the pics of the twins. I can't wait to breed our adorable Boer goats and have KIDS here!
Happy Birthday Bev!
Congrats on the new kids! They are simply adorable.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday to everybody! :)
Sharon said…
Such a beautiful post, Bev! Thanks for sharing.

Hope you have time to check out my blog today. I think you'll like it.