Weekend Fun

This weekend's cold front brought unrelenting winds.
Most everyone sought shelter on Saturday.

However, with Sunday's sunrise came calmer weather and all the animals
ventured back out again.

Hubbs spent a bit of time getting our new garden boxes filled with soil and mulch.

We topped the old boxes with a couple inches of well cured manure mulch,
which I will eventually dig into the soil later this spring.
For now, though, it acts as a great weed barrier and fertilizes the soil.

The pigs were glad to get back outside again...  

and spent a bit of time rooting in the mud, as you can see on Ginger's mouth.

Peace has been restored to the buck pen after last weekend's melee.
Chip and Skip are getting along just fine.

And Smoochie seems much happier in with gentle Fred and our wether, Donald.

I often write about my chickens,
but I have neglected to introduce you to a couple of specific special hens.

Like.... Beatrice who is quite showy...

and Sticky who is my plain Jane hen.

She was born with a foot deformity.

(I fear this is what my hands may look like some day!)

Sticky has managed quite fine these past three years in spite of her poor crooked toes.
She is a silver duck-winged Phoenix....
quite a fancy name for such a plain gal!

Sticky got her name one day as a young hen...
when I walked into the henhouse and found her completely wrapped up in a 
sticky fly tape.  

It took a bit of work to free her, and she held perfectly still while I "unstuck" her.
Since that day, we have a special bond!

While I was out doing afternoon chores,
Sid came over to the pasture fence to say hi.

I love photographing horses!
What a kind eye he has...

And, as usual, he's been rolling in the mud.

PS....T-minus 5 days until we pick up our two little mini donkey gals!!
Oh... the excitement is mounting...
can't you just feel it?


Yes, I can feel the excitement. I'm looking forward to some funny tales.
andy said…
Glad you had a great weekend now I want your animals and your tractors :) have a great start if the week!
Country Gal said…
Awesome photos ! Oh I cant wait for the minis ! Have a great day !
Junebug said…
I so love my morning visit to the farm. It starts my day off with a smile! I can't wait to meet the minis! Enjoy your day of working on the farm for I'm off to my work. Hey wait a minute, I'll trade you! Sending Hugs!!
That plain-jane Sticky sure looks pretty to me. I haven't heard that variety of chicken before!
Jenny said…
I love your garden area. It's so neat and weedless. Do you put down plastic or weed barrier under your mulched paths? I need to put some serious work into our garden area this year. I think there's more weed than veg.
This N That said…
Sticks feet look like mine..sorta..Boxes look great..Weeds and allergies are supposed to be bad this summer...Nothing died off during the winter ..not cold enough..
Glad Smoochie feels better..
Unknown said…
Can't wait to see your new dolls!
Anonymous said…
I love the Sticky story; I have a special little hen who survived a dog attack. She lived in my bathroom while she recuperated! I have been wanting to get some Polish hens, purely for their magnificent, but extremely comical appearance.
Glad to hear that Smoochie is feeling better.

Kathy from Tas
Michelle said…
Awwww...I love that Sticky story!
luckybunny said…
Always love your photos!
It sounds as though our weather was about the same as yours this past weekend with Saturday being windy and chilly and Sunday being calm and warmer. Poor Sticky....great fitting name though ;) Looks like your garden boxes are about ready for planting...my hubby got ours made but we have to level the garden first and I'm hoping to order a load of wood chips this week if all goes well. I can't wait to get in there and start filling them! Love the photo's of Sid...yes he does have kind eyes. Looking forward to seeing your new additions...you'll have fun photographing those cuties :)