A Couple More Fun Guys

I was delighted by your feedback on yesterday's post...A Give-Away.
And happily, there were several of you that I picked to be winners.
Unfortunately, though, the weather did not cooperate
and we had yet another rainy day.

The strange thing is this...
it's almost as if the rain is on a schedule,
because just like every other day this week,
it rained all day long,
and by 3 o'clock in the afternoon,
the sun came back out.

Cabin fever led me out of the house to look for some fungi.
It is growing prolifically all around the farm with all of this precipitation.

Of course I was accompanied by a couple of fun guys....
(an odd sight...cat and dog taking walk)

We came upon a wonderful toadstool.
Huge and colorful.

Wouldn't you love to shrink down small enough to use this as an umbrella?
Well, that's just what we did!

And while we were down there we came upon new fungi.
These remind me of coral in the sea...

especially this one....

When we reached the barn, I had to chuckle at this sight....

I think the chickens are tired of the wet.
Henri, Fifi, and the gals were all hanging out in the maple tree beside the barn.
In this picture the driveway to the upstairs of the barn is in the forefront,
so it is hard to see that these birds are actually between 4 and 6 feet off the ground.

On to the garden....let's see how astute you are...
What is wrong with this picture???

Yes, you're right, the turkeys are on the inside of the garden fence.
I'm not sure how they did that.
So, I opened the gate and happily Tom, Chuck and Edith emerged.

As for day 4 of the arena construction....
looks identical to days 1, 2 and 3.
Too soggy to dig.

So, although I thought the give-away an ingenious way to get rid of the rain,
apparently, it was not the best idea I have had.
I guess I will have to hatch another idea!
Until then, I will remain right here under my toadstool,
staying as dry as I can!
Just me and a couple of fun guys!


Anonymous said…
So so wet this month. I need to be under that umbrella mushroom this morning too.. so drippy out there. Cute pics you have today!
Country Gal said…
Fantastic photos. Right now it is thundering and raining out hope ot clears soon so Miggy and I can go for our daily walk. Have a wonderful day.
This N That said…
Where did the name "toad stool" come from???
Unknown said…
Love the post..kids on a 'walkabout', chickens in a tree, short umbrellas, and a turkey stomp....couldn't ask for more..oh,yeah, you want more sun...
Sandy said…
Cute post Bev. I love the picture of Sam and Kitty (Bobby?) walking together. I think Sam loves all his friends on the farm. Maybe something scared the turkeys and they flew into the hen yard??
Magickwyrds said…
Ha! Your kitty and dog are soo sweet to one another- lucky girl :) Lovely pictures of all the 'shrooms, too. Thanks for sharing!
Teresa said…
I love all the fun guys you're hanging around under.