Sunflowers, Kayaks, and Napping Chickens

It seems like each day of perfect late summer weather we have
is followed by another perfect day...
prettier than the preceding one.
Yesterday was one such day.

I swear we have grown the tallest sunflowers I have ever seen...
twice as tall as me... if not more! 

I know I showed you this stem before, but it has grown by half again.
I think it should be referred to as a "trunk" instead of a stem!

Hubbs was home from work yesterday...
an extra vacation day he needed to use.

So we took a couple of hours off the farm and headed to the river
to kayak.

With a snack of locally baked artisan crackers, cheese, and olives,
we floated down the river...

in the company of fish, birds, turtles,
all sorts of river wildlife!

We are so very lucky to live within minutes of this kind of beauty!

We tend to get so caught up with work around the farm,
that sometimes we forget to get away and see different sights.
A perfect day like this made us realize that life is short,
and if we don't take these opportunities now...
they might just pass us by!

For those of you who are raising chickens for the first time...
don't be alarmed if you find one of your chickens looking like this...

Do not be alarmed!
The first time I saw this,
I thought my poor chicken must be dying.
Not so.

Chickens very often nap during the day stretched out on their side.
I'll tell you though, the first time you witness this,
your heart will skip a beat.


Debi said…
Makes me think of Jack and the Bean Stalk story. That is just the largest I have EVER seen. I agree, we just get so busy to stop and enjoy the things you and your husband did. The trip down the river looked remarkably peaceful. You seem to work so hard on your farm that I'm sure it felt quite nice. The weather is getting much better to do these things we've waited on for so long.
It looks like you had a terrific time...what lovely photos. And to live so close to a beautiful getaway...lucky you! Thanks for the bee advice (so much to learn) and for preparing me for napping chickens...I'd definitly think the worst! -Mary
Lisa said…
I just posted a similar photo on my blog, of the chicken. It freaks you out.
Gone Country said…
Such a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing and I'm so glad you guys were able to take some time out and enjoy the beauty of nature!

Your sunflowers are HUGE! Love it!

The first time we saw our chickens taking a dust bath we though they were having seizures! It does freak you out! The first time my neighbor saw it she almost panicked! We told her the chickens were OK but I don't think she believed us at first!
KatyDidStitches said…
That sunflower is AMAZING!

I've noticed that things seem a lot bigger this year, as well. My green pepper plants come up to my shoulders...and they're loaded. My FIL has commented on my "tomato trees"...I stake them and they're way-y-y over my head. The broccoli has been going nonstop...and it's incredibly sweet. I posted about my "magic beans." We had a second HUGE crop from the same plants...and now I'm wondering if they'll produce a third!

I'm just getting into veggie gardening...and really enjoying it. I'm going to miss the my backyard "grocery store" come the Winter!

Thank you for the photo of the napping chicken. If I saw something like that I would probably freak, too! I learned something today!

This N That said…
That's an amazing Sunflower..It is, indeed, the tallest I've seen...Glad you both took some time to relax on the river..
it was a perfect day...Scarey chicken for sure..
The first time I saw my chickens do that, I also freaked. I thought they were dead or had a broken leg. It's a good thing to warn new chicken mamas.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the heads up on the chickens. I would have had a heart attack.

Love that you got some time away with are so lucky to have an area like that so close to home..who knew? Lovely.
That Sunflower is INSANE!

THe river looks beautiful!

LOL at the chicken!

Carmen and the Primcats
Kris said…
What a beautiful spot to kayak! The first time I saw my chickens do this, I did think they were dying!!! It looks very odd. Fun blog you have. I hopped over from Karen's. I am you newest follower!
Good Morning (nearly noon for you) Bev! WOW that's some sunflower you've got there...I've seen some big ones but NEVER have I seen one like yours. That 'trunk' is incredible! With all the heat we've had this summer ours are wimpy looking things. What a wonderful way to enjoy a day off from the farm! I've never kayaked but I have canoe'd a lot...nothing like the sound of nothing but the water lapping the side of the vessel and the dripping water off the paddle to put you in that 'ahhhh' state of mind. Yes I know what you mean about the first time you see chickens like that...I thought my Rambo (hen) was dying for sure when I saw her like that. I hope you're enjoying another beautiful day up there...I'm afraid we're having day # 52 of triple digit temperatures and another record breaking day of 105. Tomorrow will be the same. Can't wait for fall. Enjoy your day!
Tee hee...that's too funny! The first time I saw my hens do that, I thought they were keeling over or something! :)

What a beautiful kayak trip, very nice. Been too long since I've done something like that!