Squatters, Garden Matters, and Tyler, Too

If you follow my blog with any regularity,
you already know that there has been much drama lately
in the chicken coop.

I've written quite often of the escapades of Roosters Number 5

and Number 6

Ever since Number 6 (and not long after that, Number 5) found that there were
living on the other side of the orchard from the Frat House,
they have made their daily treks to be with their French sweetie pies.

Imagine my surprise, however, the other morning when opening up Rod's henhouse
and found that Number 5 and Number 6 had had a sleepover!

And since that night, they have not returned to the Frat House....
not even for a visit.
Yes, Number 5 and Number 6 are squatters!
And Rod's not too happy about it.

I suppose they realize that they have a good thing going on here,
and why risk it?
After all, if their old buddies caught wind of this situation,
it would be Rooster Mayhem all around the barn.

We are now in the midst of my favorite season of the garden.
Most of the summer crops have been harvested and put up.
Fall crops are growing.
Peppers and tomatoes are plentiful.

Each week I prepare more batches of relishes, salsas, and sauces.

The pumpkins are ready for baking projects.

The okra continues to bloom and bear fruit....

as do the tomatillo plants....

The sunflowers are tall and showy.
When they are dry, they will become food for the birds.

The vining plants of the garden walls are in full bloom...
just as I had imagined it would be!

And in one corner of the garden,
the aroma is magnificent....

Hundreds of clusters like this one are filling
the air with the most heavenly scent.

This particular cluster became this....

layers of luscious phylo dough and melted butter,
topped with brown sugar, grapes, and then brushed with melted butter
and topped with more sugar.
Into the oven at 400 degrees for 14 minutes.

Concord grape tart.

While I made this tart,
Amanda made this one with a peach and a plum....

Ooooooh, I am in pastry heaven.
Won't you join me for tea this afternoon?
We'll have tea in the orchard and fill ourselves with heavenly pastry!

And last, but never, ever least....here is this week's photos of Tyler
mixing it up with the pups.

Give Sammy a kiss....

Arghhhhh! Kissed by a dog!

This is one happy little boy!

Have a wonderful weekend....
hopefully you are not in the path of "Irene"!
If so, I wish you safety!


Country Gal said…
Yummy tea and pastries I'm there !
All looks soo wonderful, your gardens are fantastic ! Photos of pups and that sweet little guy are soo cute ! Have a great day !
This N That said…
The vines have beautiful flowers..Pastry..Yum..You're making my mouth water..Between you and Amanda, everyone is well fed...Enjoy your weekend..Irene sounds like she won't be a problem for us...so far
Gone Country said…
Roosters number 5 & 6 are pretty smart! They know a good thing when they see it... why leave!!! They're too funny!

You're garden and harvests look awesome! Way to go! I'm so jealous... our garden did not do well this year.

And how cute is Tyler and the doggies! They obviously all love each other very much! Precious!
Unknown said…
Fabulous post...I was so totally laughing about the 'sleepover'! Love the photos of those boys! I love checking out your chickens. Those veggies and that salsa...so beautiful. You are so busy baking..so glad you are enjoying this time and the icing on the cake...that little man..Tyler!
KatyDidStitches said…
Beautiful pictures! I think your farm looks like a little piece of heaven!

And just to show you that I notice the details...that granite underneath the peach/plum tart looks familiar. Baltic Brown, right? How did you manage to get into my kitchen...and where did you hide that tart?

Kaybe said…
Those grapes look so juicey. I am going to try that recipe cos I love phyllo dough.
Anonymous said…
Oh, me! Me! I'll join you!
Cindy said…
Those pastries look so yummy, I'm going to have to do some baking this weekend! Your vines are great. I like that you put out so many kinds.
Anonymous said…
I adore your blog! I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog so I could also discover yours! I love your rooster, beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Homemade salsa....mmm mmm mmmm. Get a bag of chips and dip to your heart's content!
Teresa said…
Those two guys are really in heaven! The pastries look so good. I really need to go pick some wild grapes and find something yummy to do with them.
Lisa said…
Did you know that sunflowers, stalk and all are great for goats. They are the only reason I grow them,that and they are so pretty. The goats devour them.