Building An Ark

And so the rain continues.
Just when the sky lightens, and it looks promising,
I run outside to continue weeding.
Then all of a sudden
another downpour occurs...
sending me scrambling for shelter.

The chickens, goats, and horses are all staying under cover.
I am thinking it might be time to consider plans for an Ark!

My planting is almost finished, luckily.
Now I worry that my little plants will drown in this prolonged rain.

One of the things about above-ground gardening is
that the garden boxes drain super well.
So, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The spinach and lettuce in my salad table is almost big
enough to start harvesting.

The plants in my red potato box have doubled in size
in the past two days.  Heaven only knows what is happening beneath the surface!

This is what Minerva looked like by the end of last summer.
Now she looks very sad...faded and drenched.
Needless to say, she will be getting a new outfit, a new hairdo, and a new hat
in the next week or so.

And because it is raining so hard, and I cannot get pictures of the baby goats,
I will share a video I took last summer when Fred and Sally were
the "new kids on the block"!

I will leave you with just a little cuteness to brighten up your day.
Here is Tyler at the end of last summer....

and now....

Oh, what fun we'll have this summer.
All we need is a sunny day!

If it is sunny and dry where you are....
I will send you a little rain.
Would you send me a little sun?


Anke said…
I would love to send you a little sun, that is if it actually shows up today as it's supposed to. Just please don't send us any rain, we've had enough of our own this year. ;-)
Cindy said…
We haven't had rain the last two days, just cloudy, cold days. I'm wanting some sun! Also, have you had mosquitos yet? (Sorry, I don't know how to spell it!)
We can hardly go outside without being sprayed from head to toe with repellent. And I need to do lots of weeding too. Hope you're able to get out in your gardens today. That lettuce bed looks so good. Yum!
Tammy said…
I too live in S. Central Pa. and I have had ENOUGH. I'm beginning to feel like I'm getting moldy and mildewy.

Could you tell me what Minerva's head is made from? Love her!
Michle said…
Oh man Linda, I would gladly exchange sunshine for rain. Here at home (Baytown, Tx) we have not seen a drop of rain in over 3 months. Only behind 17 inches for 2011. Our pasture is burning up. Hay prices in Texas will be out the roof. I wish I had your hay pasture here. We are having to water our little vegetable garden daily (just not the same without nature's rain). We have grass fires springing up all over the state. So please pray for rain for us (maybe a rain dance or two) and I will pray for long days of sunshine for you.

Unknown said…
Just think, the rain is making all those veggies grow...big time...I can almost hear them from here! Apparently it worked for Tyler...haha!
Ginny said…
No Sun in our part of PA either, so tired of it, but we can't change Mother Nature. If you build the ark, I will add some ducks, LOL. Have a great day.
This N That said…
Sorry I can't help you out..It's the same here...
Julie Harward said…
I LOVE Minerva! LOL And I think this crazy weather is affecting nearly everyone..we keep getting snow! ;D
Bee Haven Bev said…
Tammy, Minerva's head is sewn from an old pillow case stuffed with straw. Her face has faded even more than this picture....truly sad. But, in the next week or so, she will be lovely again! Oh, and her body is made from a wire frame on a long stake...fashioned by me several years back. Each year she gets a makeover.