We're Having a Heat Wave!

"Were having a heat wave....
A tropical heatwave...."
that's how the song goes.
And that is how our summer is going.


No appreciable rain.

My rain barrels are dry.

Let's hope the well doesn't follow suit!

So, what are my bees doing on these hot afternoons???

A rain dance!!

Let's hope they have some luck!

If you know any rain dances, will you do one for us, too??

Today's post is short and sweet.


Babies, dogs, ponies, goats, chickens, ducks, and garden
have me just a little overwhelmed at the present.
I need at least 6 extra hours in each day.

Any of you have any time to spare??
If so, ship it my way, please!

Have a great day.

I promise to have more fun stories the rest of the week.

But for now...
I'm off to do a rain dance!!


Anke said…
Bev you are not alone, it is very hot, humid and dry here as well. Ever since we got back the temps have been in the mid 90's and even thought there is a daily chance of rain, we have yet to see any. We would love it if it rained here for a day, maybe we'll have to come up with our own rain dance...
JudiB said…
Good Morning Bev,
Congratulations Grammie. Your lives have changed forever..and what a wonderful ride it is. Enjoy!!!
Sorry to hear the pony is not working out..it does happen sad to say. I guess she needs her own herd!!
Rain..you can have some of ours..OMG..wet!! We are lucky and got our hay in..but so many are desperate for the weather to behave so they can get to work.
I will send you rain..and you can send your dry weather..lol.
The gardens are looking amazing..Wow.
Take care and enjoy your new grandson..they grow up way to fast. Our girls are now 11 & 12 and not sure how that happened so quickly.

Judi B.
Anonymous said…
I hope your dance helps..wish I could give you half of my free time but I guess it doesn't work that way