Playtime with Maddie

There  seems to be no shortage of cute around the farm this week.

Yesterday was nursery cleaning day.  Becky and I mucked out the goat house and replaced the bedding with fresh clean hay.  While we cleaned, the new kids played in the snow and Maddie (my Newfie) sat longingly at the gate to the goat pen.

Now, if you know anything about Newfies, you know that they are by nature gentle and extremely tolerant.  They make the perfect babysitters for just about any species.....especially baby goats.  She came into the goat yard and just sat and waited....watching the kids running and jumping all around.

Eventually the kids' curiosity got the best of them and they came over to check out this newcomer to their pen.

Maddie sat perfectly still while they sniffed her.
 Then, when it seemed that they were comfortable with her, she leaned down to sniff them and offer a big Newfie kiss......Slurrrrrrrrrrp!

 She was so pleased with these new little friends... that is until Mama Missy decided enough was enough.  Missy marched over to Maddie and head butted her.
 Maddie quickly retreated behind me and crawled up onto the fainters' fort.....out of the reach of Missy.
 We spent quite a bit of time there just loving those babies....Maddie and me.  It was pure heaven for both of us.  Eventually Missy let her guard down and sauntered off to eat.

What a magical time!


Anke said…
Maddie seems like such a sweet dog and so well behaved. And those baby goats, be still my heart, they are so cute!
Jamie said…
Those pictures are too cute for words! Maddie looks so sweet.
Pam said…
How's brings back fond memories and tears to my eyes...thank you!

Anonymous said…
And where was Sadie all this time??? Missy was only trying to protect her babies..Maddie loks a little overwhelming altho very sweet...Sounds like a day for everyone to be socialized..too fun
Sandy said…
I don't know who is cuter - Maddie or the kids? What a lovable doggie.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)
Junebug said…
Maddie has the sweetest face. I could just squeeze and hug her!!! I am such a dog person. I still want a Berner though! I'm so enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps. I'm sending them your way!!!
Kelly said…
Maddie is truly a gentle giant. The picture of her and the kid is priceless. She looks like her feelings were hurt. I'm glad you two girls had some quiet time. I love sitting with the goats. There is such peace.
Unknown said…
What fun you have with your 'babies'!
Katmom said…
Everybody needs a swet "Maddie"...