The waiting is over.

We are overjoyed to bring you the news.

The rabbit died.

I know, that sounds very sad.

Fear not, we don't even own a rabbit.

Actually, the weather warmed up long enough to

comfortably perform pregnancy checks on

our dear Sissy and O'Malley.

O'Malley was successfully impregnated by our beloved,

departed Mojo.....TWINS!!

Sissy is "with kid", also...only one was visualized.
That doesn't necessarily mean that she only has one, though.

We will have to wait until April to know for sure.

But for now, we are so very excited....

Although we no longer have our dear Mojo....

we can look forward to his progeny this spring.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations!! Here's to the beautiful kids.
Congratulations! *pops cork, throws streamers*!
Glo said…
Kelly said…
Congratulations to the Goatparents on the upcoming kids. We don't have access to sonograms, well we could load the girls up and take them to the hospital, loads of troulble with that idea. So happy to hear the news.
Anke said…
Yeah, you'll have a few little Mojo's running around! How wonderful! Congratulations!
Cathy said…
Congrats! Mojo was a beauty.
Julie said…
Jessica said…
What wonderful news! Congratulations!
Sandy said…
Wonderful news! You gotta name one of the offsprings either MoJo II or Little Mojo!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)