Nighttime Tuck-In

It is seven o'clock and the sun has long since set beyond the horizon. No remnants of its light are left in this part of the world. Tonight the moon is hidden behind a solid wall of rain clouds. I pull on my muck boots as I do every night at this time. Tonight, however, a rain slicker and hat are part of the uniform. I grab my lantern and call out for the dogs. "Hey girls, anyone want to go tuck in the birds with me?" Maddie's reply is best illustrated by this picture.....

Sadie follows me into the garage, but seeing the rain, remains within the shelter of the house.

So, off into the night I go alone.

When I get to the barn the kitties are all nestled in for the night. Ella Bella and TomTom are quite toasty under their heat lamps. TomTom looks at me and yawns...
And Bobby in his thick winter coat is curled up in the feed room.
It seems that tonight's activity is sleep. Even the Littles are stretched out in the thick pine shaving that lines the floor of their stall....peacefully slumbering. Oh how I wish I were snuggled up in a warm bed instead of out in this damp, dark, dreary night!

I head out to close up each of the henhouses...each glowing red from their prospective heat lamps. The chickens and guineas are all quietly roosting for the night. The goats have sought shelter from the rain within their houses....quietly munching on hay.

Night time is such a peaceful time on the farm....and sleep is a universal need. Besides, what else is there to do on such a drizzly night. And so I head back to the house...the finish of another day...with the promise of a warm bed awaiting me also.


Lisa said…
Oh goodness, you made me nod off for a second. Very nice writing.

Maddie has the right idea! :0) I think everyone was snuggly warm except for you...drink some hot tea when you get in and enjoy that fire that I'm sure you have burning.

Drop by to see my flying squirrels....they are so entertaining. :0)

Anonymous said…
Hi Beverly, I have had the most fun early this morning catching up on your blog. Your home turned out lovely and I am glad you are at a point to really enjoy it now. Fun to see/meet all the new animals too!
Anonymous said…
Hi, that was like a lovely, dreamy bedtime story... I want a heat lamp now for those cold nights!
Anonymous said…
All happy, cozy critters..nice that the beehaven maven makes her rounds to check on everyone...all is safe