A Few Tails

Finally, the day has arrived.
The fancy chickens have begun laying.....the teeniest, tiniest, little eggs.
7 eggs were laid this first day.
Hooray!!! Good work girls.
Did I mention that I accompanied Doctor Becky on a Vet call....to check and vaccinate a littler of Welsh Corgi pups? Oh, did I mention that I was thinking I might like a Welsh Corgi pup? No? Well....here is a little girl that almost stole my heart.....and no, I did not bring her home. I practiced great restraint, because I still am not sure what breed I want. Perhaps just a mutt....I would feel great about a rescue dog. But still.....isn't she adorable? How about a closer look... I thought I would give you a glimpse of exercise time at the Fat Farm. As I mentioned before, the Bigs are on a bit of a diet...trying to shed a few pounds that they put on eating that rich grass all summer. Because we are in the midst of a wonderful Indian Summer this week, I have been walking them up to our arena almost daily for a little exercise. The great thing about the arena is the lack of vegetation. So, they can run and kick up their heels with no grass to tempt them. And boy do they kick up their heels. I love the sound of thundering hooves!That is Doctor Becky's roof that you see in this picture. She has a log home, also....a nice walk through the woods from our home.


Anke said…
Your own eggs, yay!!! The puppy is adorable. Isn't it funny that even adults just can't resist a cute little face like that?
Ginny said…
The puppy looks like a bundle of fluff, how cute. Have a great weekend!!
Anonymous said…
never saw a puppy that couldn't steal your heart..good luck trying to pick that special one..Donnie and Moonbeam are just loving their run...
Ruth said…
Those puppies are so cute. I don't think they could get any cuter. Your horses are beautiful!!

Kelly said…
The puppy is adorable. I don't know how you resisted. We looked for pups for about 1 year before we found the breeder and breed we wanted. Now we are in Lab overload. They have spontaneous bursts of energy and can't control their bodies or their brains. Puppy! I miss having horses. The bigs are beautiful. Isn't it funny when they run and buck with cool weather. As a kid it used to crack me up. Oh, Im laughing over horse farts. LOL.
When you visited the blog you mentioned goat yogurt. Would you possibly share your recipe. I love homemade yogurt and now we have goat milk. Thanks again.
Autumn said…
UGH! Cute puppies grow up to be sometimes annoying dogs!!! Take your time and talk to lots of people with whom you have similar personalities- dogs are a long time commitment. Having a bad fit is hard for a a looooooong time!
That Corgi is a cutie though!
The doggie is too cute..I've got a friend that has two of them...very spoiled..of course! Is there any other way to have them!? ;0)

I'm sure it's nice to have Dr. Becky close by..the horses look like they are enjoying themselves.

The leaves have made another dramatic change since yesterday...just beautiful!

countrynmore said…
Now, I couldn't pass up something so cute. Love the Welsh Corgi pup. I am a dog lover at heart. I wished that I had the room, because I would have several dogs around the house.
Anonymous said…
We're on our RV trip south and didn't have internet service for several days so I had fun reading your posts for the last couple days! I think Queen Elizabeth 's favorite dog is this breed and I believe she has several. I'm glad I didn't see that puppy 'cause it would be difficult to walk away from from her. You should write a book on your experiences!

Teacup Lady (Sandy) from SE PA!
Whooooo...you really do have good self control...that puppy is cuddly cute! (My brother has a corgi and they are super smart).....maybe you better re-think this! LOL
Marimoy said…
What a cute puppy, but I am of the opinion that mutts are the best breed. I have one she is fantastic. She was a rescue dog as well.