TomTom the Omnipresent

Today I received a couple of calls wondering if everything is ok at Bee Haven Acres. This question came about because of my obvious lack of blog posts these last couple of days. Yes! Everything at Bee Haven Acres is hunkey-dorey (is that really a word?). Construction is coming along looks like move-in is scheduled for 2 weeks from now. As a result of the last minute push to finish, I have been very busy helping out with finishing touches around the house. Farm chores, like mowing, cleaning pastures, feeding animals, weeding, tending gardens takes up what little time is left after construction duties.

So, bear with us....I will post when I am able. But I fear that until we get through moving, posting may be a bit irregular. I will try to keep up.

I did want to share a few pictures with you of our barn kitty, TomTom. I call him TomTom the Omnipresent. It seems that no matter where farm chores take me, he is always there. Sometimes I fear there may be more than one of him! He has a rather busy schedule and makes his regular rounds of all the animals....the chickens, the goats, the bluebird houses. Oh if only I had a picture of his antics on the bluebird houses. Picture, if you will, King Kong on the top of the Empire State Building....swatting at fighter planes with his arms as he desperately holds on. Then take that image and transplant Tom Tom on the top of the bluebird houses....standing on his hind legs swatting at the birds who are dive bombing him to protect their domain. Pretty comical sight!! Fortunately, he never catches any of them....but he does like to reach his paw into their nesting house and pull out the downy feathers that line their nests.

It seems his favorite activity is hanging out with the horses. You'd think that such a diminutive cat would be wary of giant animals such as horses. Not the case with TomTom. He lounges on top of their hay piles as they eat and if they get too close....a bat across their nose keeps them in line.

"Oh, oh yea, that's good....a little to the left, please!"


Anonymous said…
If Tom Tom is ever missing, check out my house...I'm going to steal him..he's a wonderful kitty..I guess he's happier at the farm than he would be confined to a house
Ruth said…
Wow~It's almost move in day. I am sure that you are very excited. Glad to hear everything is going well. I hope you have a fabulous time at BBB.

My son loves the pictures of your cat.

Yarni Gras! said…
too friend had a cat (named Mouse) who used to sleep on all our horses. You never knew which horse would be carrying her, sound asleep on their back. She slept their year round.