Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taking the Good With the Bad

Living on a farm and raising critters has helped me learn to take the bad right along with the good. Afterall, how can we wake up every morning expecting each day to be sunny. A certain amount of cloudy, rainy weather must pass through in order to keep those sunny days so beautiful. And so it is with the rest of life on the farm. The cycle of life continues and just as birth brings new life, a certain amount of death occurs in preparation for new life. It is the way life was meant to be. And so we learn to take the good with the bad...the sadness serving to make the joy even sweeter.

Sadly, we lost another baby chick...only the strong is the way of the world. Happily, though, the 24 remaining birdies are gleefully running around peeping their lungs out...eating, drinking, frolicking, sleeping. What a comedy show they are!

Another sad note...we have only two ducks remaining. Our dear Daffy met with his demise recently. We have such a small amount of traffic that passes by our farm. Occasionally, someone drives a bit too fast past our pond, putting our ducks in they sometimes hang out near or on the road. On this particular occasion, Daffy was crossing the road and was killed by a motorist travelling too fast to be able to stop for a lone duck in the road. I hope this is a lesson to that driver. Although country roads seem like good places to just never know what might be on the road at any given moment.

And so we say goodbye to Daffy.

Dorkey and Methuselah are our only two remaining ducks. Next project: order and raise more ducks. (Note to self: hang a couple more "Duck Crossing" signs.)


Anonymous said...

It's even tough to loose a duck..we seem to become attached to living things with fur, hair and feathers

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey Bev,

Sorry for the loss of another chickie...but yes, only the strong survive.....why, I think both of us are proof that the strong survive, right!? What a journey..hahaha

The mile long narrow curvy road that I travel before making the final climb to the cabin is no place for anyone to'd wind up in a stream or worse drive of the edge to a dreadful ending...I had to stop the other day for two young squirrels playing in the middle of the road...they just acted like I wasn't there. :0) I rolled the window down and talked to them and asked that they kindly move along so I could get past and they did! :0) They were very young..

Then there are 3 horses that belong to someone along the road that owns property on both sides of the road. I realized there were fence posts but no wire fencing..LOL So now on most occasions there is evidence in the road that they decided to walk across the road to the other pasture..too funny!

People that drive too fast on country roads don't have a clue what may step out in front of them (or just don't care). They should have slowed down to do what I did with the baby squirrels and then Daffy would still be here. grrrr.....

Yes, you need a duck crossing sign so big that it looks like a traffic light! :0)

Sheryl-lyn said...

Aw, sorry about that ducky and the chick. I have lost my share over the years, so I can relate. How cute the babies are on the previous day's blog. I love those fuzzy chicks!!

Katmom said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your little Daffy. We too have the same problem with idiot speeders on our roads...hopefully the motorist will slow down.


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