Snug as a Bug

"Snug as a bug in a rug"....that is how I would describe life in our little A-frame. We have all the essentials in a very tiny space. I thought I would give you a little tour of our living quarters for the next year while our log home is being built. At the present time there is a crew in the farmhouse "deconstructing" it. They have promised me that if they have a month to work on it, there will be nothing left but a hole in the ground! And we couldn't ask for anything better than that at this point. I hate the idea of placing all of those old building parts in a landfill. This way, our old farmhouse is going to be recycled.
So...let's take a quick tour.... We enter into the main room of the house. The only thing you will not see in this room is the little bathroom that is around the corner. It is complete with sink, toilet, and shower. Small....but it gets the job done!
In this room we have a love seat (beside me....not seen on picture), couch, computer, phone, TV (no stations...just hooked to a DVD player) and stairs up to the sleeping loft. We have ordered a tiny wood stove that will be delivered the middle of this month.

To the right of the main room is the kitchen. What you cannot see on the wall opposite the fridge is a small table and two chairs next to a window.

Climb the stairs in the main room, and tucked under the roof of the A-frame is a sleeping loft that has a queen size and a twin bed and a chest of drawers.

I am excited for our log home to be built, but in the mean time, this little A-frame will serve us well.


Anonymous said…
very staying in a motel room while your house is being built
Katmom said…
I can think of several reasons I like the comforts of a small cozy home,,,#1 less house work! #2 Ditto! lol!
Enjoy being "snug as a bug" w/ Jack in your sweet humble abode!
Autumn said…
Grace- your a POET!!!!
I can hardley wait to see progress!!! Your little aframe is definitely snuggly!

The horse photo just "feels" wonderful! Very peaceful and quiet.
I'll be checking in regularly!
Bev, the Aframe is cute..however, I think I'd have a major problem trying to get down in the middle of the night to go potty..LOL I know how excited you must be...because I'm so excited for you! I'll be watching for the updates. :0)

What a great little space you have. It seems wonderful! I know that at my happiest I was in a 500 sq ft one bedroom apt that had vaulted cealings, nice double doors, and my son and new boyfriend... who then became my husband. Lots of happy memories from that little place. Lots of big life changes that set the next decade apart from the rest of my life. :) Hope your little space finds you as happy when you leave it as mine did. :)