Friday, July 25, 2008

Mutual Grooming

Last night's cold front left us with a chilly, foggy morning. The sun rose above the pasture in a misty haze. Except for the usual avian choir practice, things are rather quiet and peaceful. The chore menu reads the same as most mornings...feed the chickens, goats, horses and then clean up around the barn. While mucking the dry lot (which right now is more like a mud lot from all of the rain we have been receiving)....well, while mucking I caught this picture of Donnie (pony) and Duffy (elder statesman and protector of the young) grooming each other. This happens a lot....a sort of "I'll scratch you if you scratch me" arrangement. What you cannot see in this picture however, is Moonbeam who has decided that I need grooming, too, and has just given my "derriere" quite a pinch!

Meanwhile, Ava (the young and fearless) takes a much needed after-breakfast nappy.


nitegardener said...

I love the Sounds & The Smells of the barn in the Morning!

These Pictures tell it all..

Beautiful Horses Bev!!

lot of Love!

GardenGoose said...

lovely horses, but I think little Ava captures my heart though..she's real pretty.


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