Goodbye Mr. Boo

It is with much sadness that we say goodbye to an old friend. Mr. Boo passed away this week. If you have read this entire blog, you will know that Mr. Boo lived on Bee Haven Acres Farm with Becky and Mike, my husband's sister and brother-in-law.
Mr. Boo was a deaf, white and black border collie who understood sign language. In his prime, he loved to play frisbee and would patiently "wait his turn" while his sister took her turn to catch the frisbee. So many games of catch during the years had worn Mr. Boo's teeth down to little stumps. Mr. Boo "worked" every single day of his adult life...afterall, somebody had to keep everyone in line! Even up to the very end, he would hobble over to our Maddie (twice his size), bear his teeth and stand there forcing Maddie to show her respect (which she always did...she always bowed her head to him and stood very still...allowing him to be "top dog"). If you had the chance to witness this scene, you would understand that although Mr. Boo meant business, his demeanor was gentle and it almost seemed that in bearing his teeth he was actually smiling. He would stand perfectly still and "smile" as if to say "I've got it all under control, here."

Mr. Boo rests now beneath the branches of a Japanese maple tree...a fitting headstone for a wise soul. We will forever remember your smile, Mr. Boo, as we watch that tree grow through the years. We pray that wherever you are now, there are lots of frisbees!


auntgeorge said…
Bee Haven has lost a good man. I'm so sorry about Mr. Boo's passing. His loss has left big shoes for others to fill. I hope the Japanese Maple grows full and lush and when you look at it, may you smile with joy in remembrance of Mr. Boo.

Love and blessings,
flmom said…
So sorry for your loss. Many (((((HUGS)))))
Megan said…
So sorry Bev!
I feel bad that before I read this blog, I tagged your site for a little game. Check the rules on my blog
Anonymous said…
omg Mr.Boo was so cute he looked smart I bet he was his pic was so cute he lost a good guy.
Jenny Foster - Hansen said…
I've known Bear (aka, Mr. Boo), since he was a puppy. He and Mandy (Bear's Sister) ALWAYS played frisbee, and ALWAYS took turns. It was always fun to see Bear lay on our feet, just in case we moved, he'd know it. We still have pictures of him with our male cat with nursing paws on Bear's belly. We will miss Bear AND Mandy. Bear never acted deaf, though when we would go for walks in the desert, Bear would ALWAYS keep an eye on us, just in case we got too far ahead of us.