Wednesday, May 9, 2018

This Is What Happens When I Have Nothing To Say...

I was considering taking today off from blogging.

You see... we've had a string of fantastically beautiful days
and I have pretty much spent sun-up til sun-down in the garden.
I am almost finished planting for the season.

So, although I don't have a farm story to share with you today,
I do have a few photos from yesterday.

I only wish that photos could be a multi-sense experience,
because there is so much that I would love to share that a photo cannot convey.

the song of the birds as they flit to and fro...
the sound of tree frogs chirping in the distant woods...
 the sweet fragrance of spring blossoms carried on a gentle breeze...
the brilliance of colors as life oozes from every crevice of the earth.

Spring offers a smorgasbord for the senses...
it truly is miraculous!

It's been quite a busy week at the bird feeders.
Yesterday a Baltimore oriole visited our hummingbird feeders.
This happens every spring.
Sadly, I did not have my good camera on me at the time,
so Hubbs snapped a quick cell phone picture through the screen.
It will serve as proof of what we saw.

Baltimore orioles visit the farm every spring.
Photographing them has been difficult... they are quite shy and elusive.
I only wish I had a better picture to show you how brilliantly orange they are.

When I finished gardening yesterday, 
I took a brief rest in the goat yard.

Laying on my stomach in the grass I watched as each of the goats...
curious as to what I was doing...

moved about to get a better look.

(Except for Jill, who continued sunning herself just feet away from me.

I had to chuckle, when Andy came out of his house wearing his
Rastafarian coat.

He's shedding his winter coat and it is hanging from him like dreadlocks.

So there you have it...
what started out to be the lack of a blog post 
has somehow magically been transformed into 
a blog post.


  1. What gorgeousness surrounds you! Enjoy it, friend. You've waited long enough!

  2. Sending a smile "back-at-cha" for your picturesque blog for today.

  3. that first photo should be on a card!

  4. You shared so much with us, the beauty of your farm,the animals,an oriole- how I would love to see one, it's been years - the quince bush,lilacs, perfect.

  5. Oh boy I like that Baltimore Oriole. I went to and ordered a special feeder. Do you know they like grape jelly? So tomorrow I will set out my feeder with grape jelly. Finches like grape jelly too. Then I was thinking...all this grape jelly sitting in this special feeder will attract a lot of other not so nice things...but I am going to give it a go!

  6. Yes it has - what a great post. Love seeing your Baltimore Oriole. Have had a couple of springs in the past three years where they have visited my neck of the woods. Love your sweet goats. Hope you get your garden finished. I am working on mine as well.

  7. Your property is just lovely! I can't believe you are nearly done planting....I have barely begun! Oh I see you are in Pennsylvania so no doubt you are in a much warmer zone than I am - we have to wait to plant most things until the end of May, and our growing season is short. Sigh!

  8. Just love your photos of the surroundings on your property. Your goats are actually quite beautiful in their black and white coats. I know I have Spring Fever, hard to concentrate indoors when its so nice outdoors. Enjoy it while its still pleasant. I think we would all understand if you missed a day of blogging. Thanks for sharing.

  9. diane in northern wisMay 9, 2018 at 9:23 PM

    And a good one indeed! Always love your posts. Love all the goats and your flowering trees and planted fun to see it all. I haven't seen one flower here yet...not even a daffodil...but soon I hope! Take care.

  10. Beautiful Beverly . . ,
    I agree . . .
    One cannot completely express, capture the “burst” of spring . . .
    The sights, sounds . . . the fragrance, warmth . . .
    One has to just simply BE . . . to let it flow in . . . spring miracles . . .
    For our ears, eyes, touch . . .
    What a wonderful time it is . . .
    Oriole flitting in and out are happening here too.
    Orange magic!


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