Thursday, May 10, 2018

Finding Annie

For years we have talked about putting a GPS on our Annie.
Annie is our anti-newfie who loves to roam...
and usually does it on the sloppiest, rainy day.
Her long-distance roaming was the reason we purchased an electric collar
with a 2 ½ mile range.
Based on recent history, though, that range must not be far enough...
because she doesn't respond and return home when called.

We have tried and tried to be vigilant (especially on rainy days) about
keeping her close to us...
but it always seems that when our back is turned, she slips away....
and boy, this girl can run.
We've clocked her with a vehicle at 30+ miles per hour.

Months ago we found a pet GPS (Findster) that offered the exact specifications we needed.
So... we ordered it (and a spare).
Finally, early this week they arrived.

Sadly, it was not charged and ready for Annie's most recent escapade...
she returned several hours later battered and exhausted.
Now she is on house and yard arrest until this leg laceration heals...
with antibiotics for safe measure.

Yesterday we decided to place one of the GPS units on Chester and the other on Black Sammie.
Neither of these boys let us out of their sight, but we were curious as to how much
area they cover in a single day of snooping around the farm.

Black Sammie is Easton and Mackenzie's dog... who is having a little farm vacation.
Sammie is half lab and half coon-hound and looks a bit like our own Oakley.

These GPS units work much like a Fit Bit for dogs.
Their steps (paws) are counted and their mileage logged...
and a map of their travels is also available.
All of the information is sent to Hubbs' cell phone.

The first dog (Annie) on the page is Chester.
The extra one is Sammie.

As you can see... these two are constantly on the move.
After all, we have a lot of acreage for one's nose to cover in a single day!

Meanwhile, if we had placed one of the units on Brown Sammie...

he might have covered 0.1 mile in a day's time.
Yes, he's old and lazy...
and prefers to travel by vehicle.

He moves even less than old Oakley.

When Annie is finished mending, you can be sure she will be wearing one of these 
every single day.

Her wound is nice and clean and should heal without any problems.
I suspect she'll be back to normal in a couple of days.
She certainly hopes so... this is definitely cramping her style.


I've been sharing our bird feeder sighting with you all week.
Here are yesterday's visitors...

The oriole returned to the hummingbird feeders...

and brought a friend...

The rose-breasted Grossbeak returned as well.
It's been quite a colorful spring so far!


  1. Hope that Annie heals quickly and the collar is a marvellous device - hope it keeps her in check in the future.

  2. Annie the roamer . . .
    It will be fun to see how many miles she roams . . .

    Love seeing your Oriole visitors . . . and friends . . .

  3. So glad they have so much room to roam! Heal quickly, sweet Annie.

    Beautiful birds! The sky is filled with beautiful songs these mornings!

  4. Patsy from IllinoisMay 10, 2018 at 9:23 AM

    Oh Annie, you naughty girl. Hope she heals quickly. And don't make fun of Brown Sammie. I am old and slow now too and prefer to ride when I can. We love Sammie.

  5. Oh Annie, what did you do to your sweet self? I might need one of those for my little miss Molly - she's new to the family and doesn't realize her boundaries just yet. She's getting better but I have to keep an eye on her every second when she's out in the garden with me....which means, if I have work to do I have them all on the deck with both gates closed.


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