Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Family Matters

Today's blog is a little different than most.
There are several things about my family that I wanted to share with you.

There is nothing sweeter for parents than watching their young adult children
make good lives for themselves.
We are in that sweet spot right now... and enjoying our kids' adventures...
and thankful to be a part of their lives.

If you have followed this blog for a while,
then you have met Amanda.
Her wedding was on the farm 3 summers ago and prior to that
she was living here and was a regular on the blog.

Her twin, Ryan, has a very busy life in North Carolina dividing his time between
his job with BankAmerica and his course work in his pursuit of 
a Masters degree in Christian Leadership.

Andy and Ashley's time revolves around their "littles"...
Mackenzie and Easton who are growing way too fast.
Andy is a mechanical engineer and started his own company last year and Ashley is an ER nurse.

Jenn, Tyler's Mom, is busy planning a wedding...
a farm wedding, here in September!

We'll have lots to share as this exciting event unfolds.

As for Hubbs and I...
we will be packing up all of my photography equipment and
traveling later this year to Zambia, Africa for a photo-safari trip.
We will be staying in three separate safari camps...
and will have many photos to share with you.

Until that time, we will continue to bring you daily stories from the farm.
Yesterday morning...

Yesterday afternoon...

As you can see, March weather is quite changeable here in Pennsylvania.

I will be taking a day or two off from blogging.
Hubbs is having back surgery today and I will be wearing my nurse's cap for a few days.
We'll be back with an update just as soon as is possible.


  1. You must be so proud of your children! Sending wishes for a quick easy recovery to Hubbs.

  2. Gosh your weather is very changeable in Pennsylvania - one minute snow and then sunshine. Sounds like you have some exciting times ahead with your visit to Africa - how incredibly wonderful!! You are lucky to have a such a lovely family and to see your children grow up leading happy contented lives must be everything you have ever wished for. My son is 30 now and I never stop worrying about him - I suppose that's a parents job and it's a job for life however old they become. Hope your husbands surgery goes well and he makes a speedy recovery. I am sure he will be in the very best of hands with you to look after him (and the rest of your lovely family). Good luck with everything.

  3. Hope the surgery goes well and he's back out feeding Ritz to the critters soon!

  4. Dear Lord,
    We ask that You bring complete healing to hubbs and we pray that You guide the surgeon's hands as he completes the surgery. Spread Your light of healing and peace on the recuperation. Thank You Lord for Your grace and mercy.
    In Jesus' name we pray,

  5. good luck to hubbs!!! another wedding? what fun! and africa....i can't wait to see it all!

  6. Thanks for the family share and I pray all goes well with Hubb's surgery.

  7. Dear Beverly,
    You must be so proud of your children.. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, and your trip sounds very exciting.

    I will say a prayer for hubbs, in that he swiftly recovers from surgery.

  8. Happy times for everyone except Hubs... glad things are going OK today and hope that the surgery does what it's supposed to do ...Hugs

  9. An American in TokyoMarch 14, 2018 at 9:48 PM

    Wow! So many adventures ahead!

    I hope Hubbs will have a speedy recovery!
    I'm sure he will have speedier than most with you there!

  10. diane in northern wisMarch 14, 2018 at 10:01 PM

    Praying for your Hubbs, that his back surgery goes well and that the healing process will go well too. I'm still a little confused about your have twins and then two others? And how many grands do you have now??? What a beautiful family! I'm excited for the wedding in September and your trip to Zambia. Great things to be looking forward to! Love your blog.

  11. Praying for your husband. Speedy recovery! Lisa G in TN

  12. How wonderful for you that your kids are all following their path. So happy for Jenn and Tyler! Congrats!

    Enjoy pampering your man as he makes his recovery. No doubt he couldn't get better care! Prayers headed your way!

  13. Lovely family . . .
    Humans and Animals . . .
    A Wedding . . . love looking forward to that . . .
    A safari planned . . . sounds wonderful . . .
    Hubs, back surgery, hope all goes well . . .
    Thoughts and Caring for you Beverly and your healing hubby . . .


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