Friday, February 9, 2018

The Beauty of Ice

We awoke yesterday to a glistening world...

the result of the previous day's ice storm.

A layer of ice covered every surface...

made even more beautiful by the rising sun.

Even though the world is covered by a thick frozen blanket,

I know that Spring lies just below the surface of the ground...
waiting to burst forth!

It won't be too very long until we begin to see the early signs of her arrival.
And with that arrival comes a brand new world...
fresh and colorful and full of possibilities.

Oh, what fun we are going to have in the coming months...
so many projects!!

So, for now, I will make the most of inside projects.
In my quest to downsize my belongings,
I have vowed to use up my apron fabric stash.
I am planning a sewing room re-do...

and cleaning out is step number one!

Yesterday's apron was this one...

Just looking at this fabric has made me very eager to get back out to my garden.

Of course, in any given day,
the most important task is this one...


  1. Beautiful. I hope you have stock in Ritz!!

  2. I was just thinking, how many cases of Ritz must they have stockpiled! You are downsizing your belongings, except for the Ritz!

    Your pooches are so well-behaved, each waiting his/her turn.

    Enjoy your frosty weekend, y'all!

  3. oooh, loving that gardening apron fabric..when you work your way through your fabric stash, hoping we'll see aprons for sale in the Marketplace! I'd love to have a long pinafore apron for summertime.

  4. You have got to see this.

  5. It was so nice that the glistening tees lasted more than 24 hours..I love the fabric in that apron..I eat Ritz every day...Gooood crackers..Have a fun weekend..

  6. it's amazing how treats get evryone's attention. i love the apron fabric. when do you start your seeds? i have to clean up my grow room!

  7. Oh what fun to see the critters getting treats. Lovely apron too and sewing room. Can't imagine it needs reorganizing.

  8. The ice and snow can be beautiful! Looking for Spring though and starting seeds. Love the apron. You can send some of your scraps to me! haha


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