Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day...
from Moonbeam, international man of mystery...

and all of your friends on the farm!

We had a little fun dressing up for our Valentine party.

Daphne asked to wear the headband...
oh, how she loves to get dressed up for holidays.

Chloe did her level best to remove Daphne's party attire...

going in for the take....

lips parted, teeth on the ready...

snatch the headband...

 and chomp!

Ok, girls...
the headband is plastic.
How about some treats instead?

Valentine treats for everyone!!     

After finishing this blog post,
I turned around to find this scene on the floor of our office....

Where's the remorse?


  1. Happy Valentine's day to all! ❌🔴❌🔴


  2. Who.. me?... This?.... noooooooo

  3. Wait...isn't that what I'm supposed to do with it? Chester, the Attack Dog!

    Enjoy your Valentine's Day! My hubby bought me a mum! Sweet!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to one and all! Oh those sweet donkeys! And Chester - a naughty but nice Cupid.

  5. That was his present to enjoy...which is exactly what he did! We let our dogs chew up the least expensive dog toys when I've repaired them at least two or three times already. They get so much enjoyment out of it (and I grab the squeaker before they ingest it). Happy Valentine's Day to all at BHA!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Gotta love that Chester.

  7. Chester says, "I REGRET NOTHING." Happy Valentines Day!

  8. That picture of Chester just screams for a caption..."MOM! Look what somebody did to my toy!" And the donkey girls - so cute!

  9. OK, now I really chuckled when I saw the donkey with hearts on his head. The horse was cute, but somehow the donkey hilarious - and then they both chomped at the hearts. Made my day. Happy Valentines Day to you also.

  10. chester's toy exploded! happy valentine's day!

  11. Always enjoy your holiday dress ups..Happy Valentines day!!

  12. Love the donkeys, and our Barney loves to leave the stuffing from his toys around just like Chester! Happy Valentines Day!


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